Disturbing Thoughts

Rarely do I use my blog to express a personal opinion more important than who’s doing what on Dancing With the Stars, but this time I’m making an exception.

I am sickened by the stories concerning Penn State, its coaches and upper level administration.  Just when did the game become more important than the well being of innocent children?  And is Joe Pa supposed to look heroic because he is stepping down at the end of the season?  Granted, he may have coached until he was 101 if it were not for these most unpleasant revelations, but why is he being allowed to stay for a minute longer?  He is already the winningest coach in college football, and if history has anything to do with it, it is probably that accomplishment rather than his turning away from a tawdry situation for which he will be remembered.

Penn State’s sorry state of affairs is just the latest in a series of stomach turning situations which have touched such presumably upstanding organizations as the Catholic church and the Boy Scouts.  I am sorry for the sickness that causes adults to molest innocent youngsters, but that does not excuse their behavior nor should we as a society turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to it.  When we do, it says a lot about our moral fiber and not much of it is good.

 What has happened can’t be changed.  Young boys who were abused can’t reclaim their innocence.  The people who knew it was going on can’t deny their part in allowing it to happen again and again.  I know it is not for me to judge anyone’s behavior, but in cases where any youngster, male or female, is treated brutally and perhaps scarred for the rest of their life  it is hard to overlook.

I hope that if I’m ever in a position to right a wrong, I have the courage to do it.

Your thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Disturbing Thoughts

  1. I was livid when I heard this. Even more when all those students showed up to show support. It’s as though they were all saying who cares about those boys that were molested. Sick. Just sick.~Ames

    1. I had the same feeling and wondered how many of the young people would be so supportive had they been a victim.

  2. The lioness in me comes out when I hear stories about children being harmed and adults not doing anything to prevent it. How they live with themselves I’ll never understand.

    1. No kidding! My mama bear self gets a bit riled as well.

  3. Based on your eloquent discussion of this devastatingly sordid scenario, I know you would have the courage to do what’s right. So agree with you. We need more to agree in today’s society. Thanks for speaking out for what’s morally and spiritually right. Enjoy your “writin’s”!

    1. Thanks for your confidence….I hope you are right.

  4. Unfortunately, I saw too many abused children when I worked at CPS. One of the things that came out in the Catholic church scandal was that pedophiles recruit other pedophiles to join their group — in that case, the Church. I wonder if there were other men involved. One man seldom gets away with this unless there is a culture of pedophilia being okay. I suspect there will be other victims and other abusers, but I hope I am wrong.

    People have laughed at me for years for thinking academics is more important than football. Now, they are having to realize there ARE things more important than football.

    When you suspect a crime has been committed, call the police.

    1. What is it that so often makes us hesitant to do the right thing?

  5. Preach it, Sister Linda! I am really saddened and angered that so many youngsters are molested in this country on a daily basis because adults don’t report it with the same zeal and urgency as they would just about any other crime. Some of it has to do, I think, with the laws that are still on the books in many municipalities that still gives the perpetrators of such crimes such a slap-on-the-wrist sentence if and when they are found guilty. These same laws give more time to a person who steals than who takes the life of their spouse. These same laws make it difficult to properly sentence rapists of adult women (and men!). They also put the onus on the victim and give them no real legal footing or chance to maintain even a shred of dignity when they are brave enough to come forward and say what has happened, never wavering from their story but being doubted all the while. I, too, hope that if ever I am put in a position to choose that I choose what’s right over what’s convenient.

    1. There are some serious flaws in humankind.

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