Shameless Promotion!

Some people wish they could write a book. Some think about it.  Some actually do it!

My friend, whose pen name is Jane Hancock, did it, and I can’t give her enough credit for the accomplishment. Even more impressive is that what started out to be just one book has become a trilogy.  Now that’s a lot of words, and I predict  she has a lot more left in her!

The first installment of the trilogy, The Accidental Senator, is just out.  It’s quite an engaging read, a tall tale perhaps, but what else would you expect from a Texas author?  The main character is a savvy gal with a medical background who finds herself in more than one unexpected situation.  As the title implies, she becomes a senator quite by accident and proceeds to set Washington on its ear.  Maybe we need a little more of that, a discussion for another day!

The book is very entertaining and will be followed soon by The Accidental President.  Hmmm, wonder what that is about!  The Accidental Senator is not just a chick read.  My husband finished it in two days, thoroughly enjoying it and giving the author lots of credit for spinning a good tale.  Check it out.  The book is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and maybe even from your local bookstore.

 Shamelees promotion?  Yes, but my friend deserves it.

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4 thoughts on “Shameless Promotion!

  1. Congrats to your friend! I like her pen name!!! Except for the medical background part, she might have been writing the book about my Mom!!! 🙂 What a good friend YOU are for promoting her talent!

  2. Shameless promo? Yes! We should never have shame when we are living our true purpose, and it sounds like your friend is doing just that – sharing her talents! Kudos to her, and a big thanks to you for supporting those you love…

  3. How fun & exciting for your author friend~ a trilogy no less! I just sent the first chapter to my kindle for a sneak peak! Thanks for letting me know, I’m always up for a good read!

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