Burlap and Dahlias

TJ Maxx in Rockland is the source for most of my shopping in Maine, but  recent computer problems took me to Portland and the Apple store, which just happens to be in the Maine Mall. Whoa, an opportunity for retail therapy!  After buying a couple of new pairs of shoes at Macy’s I drifted toward Pottery Barn to see what was new.

Of course, the displays were heavy with decor for Halloween and fall, and while it was fun to look, I came away with just one item, a burlap table runner, a purchase influenced, I think, by some of my tablescaping blog friends!

The runner immediately went on the dining table, and it needed some color.  Out to the garden to clip a few of those brave and outspoken dahlias which, after trying several containers, ended up in these wonderful antique beer bottles.  How many beers could you drink in something that size?

Surrounded by gourds, the table began taking on a life of its own.

Again the square black Ikea plates were called into duty,  this time serving as chargers for harlequin patterned dinnerware.

If you look closely, you will see that the dishes have a touch of teal,

so these recently acquired old thumbprint glasses in nearly the same color were a perfect addition.  I bought these thinking they would look good in a daughter’s new kitchen, but I like them so much she may never get them!

Without too much ado, the table is once again ready for friends to gather for an evening at home.  Now if Mary or Kathleen or Alycia or Marigene or Marlis or Cherry Kay or Jacquelin or Lynne or any of you would just show up to add your special touches, all would be perfect!

Passing through the dining room later in the day, the sun was shining through adding its own sparkle to everything it touched and making me throw up my hands in childish delight.

What is it that makes your heart sing?

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9 thoughts on “Burlap and Dahlias

  1. Entertaining Women October 14, 2011 — 12:31 pm

    I would be thrilled to occupy a space at your beautiful table. My daddy used to grow glorious dahlias, and I’ve always had a special spot for them in my heart. Favorite shot is, of course, the one where the sun is kissing the table. I’ve never seen antique beer bottles…a wonderful treasure! Thank you for the invitation; my plane leaves at 2:00. I can only imagine the fun that this particular group could have gathered around a table. Cherry Kay

  2. I know how it is to want to buy or make something because you’ve seen it on another blog. There are soo many good ideas out there! However trends come and go… so I have to keep myself in check and stay true to my own true style.

    I have made a lot of runners and tabletoppers just like the runner you got at PB. It sure adds to you wonderfull tablescape.They have replaced all the lace doillies in the house.

    I just love the last photo with the sun shining on the table. Glad you didn’t miss that fleeting moment!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me 🙂

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party!

  3. What a beautiful table! I have that same runner — or at least one that looks very close…Pottery Barn? Your dahlias are lovely. I have tried growing them year after year — even received some tubers from a friend in PA who had GORGEOUS ones — and mine are always puny. 😦

  4. Oh I love this, Lulu. So beautiful! I love all the colors and the texture of the burlap….Christine

  5. Teal glassware is perfect with those lovely plates! I love the last photo with the sun leaving dancing shadows on your table.

  6. Looks gorgeous. Great find, lulu!

  7. It looks great, Lulu! Nice and cozy and with the sun shining in, just lovely!
    Come over, your ears may be ringing!
    And thanks for the mention! Sweet!

  8. Burlap and dahlias! Who knew what a perfect pairing they would be! Your center grouping is wonderful–I wouldn’t change a thing. And, no one would blame you for holding onto those teal glasses. I have never seen that color before. Thanks for sharing your lovely table with us!

  9. I’ll show up to EAT and to DRINK (but not that much beer out of a container that large!!!) and to take in the beauty of the table, but that’s about it! Wow, Linda….this is a beautiful autumn table. The antique beer bottles are a great idea. I didn’t know beer used to be served from those. They make a much better decorative statement than the recyclable glass of today! 🙂 And your dahlias….their heads are as big as mine…and THAT’S pretty doggone big! 😉 They’re gorgeous. I wish I could grow them, but mine always seems to get mildew. I never water them from overhead, but the sprinkler system does. Maybe that’s it. I don’t know. If you tell me you grew those gourds in your own garden, I am THROUGH with you! 🙂 That really red one is cool!!! The burlap runner is fabulous! It looks really lightweight and easy to work with. I don’t have any burlap, but it’s on a wish list I’ve been compiling. The dishes are great…lots of autumn colors without beating you over the head with it. Aaaahhhh….autumn in Maine. That must be like heaven. I have never visited your great state up there in its own little corner, but I sure hope to someday during the turn of the season. Enjoy your week and weekend!!! And if I ever come to visit, please do not put me to work…especially since you’ve already nailed it!

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