OK, I’ve seen many unusual art installations, but Xu Bing‘s Tobacco Project at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts may take the cake.

Mimicking a tiger skin rug, the installation is created entirely with what else……cigarettes, more than 600,000 of them.  Consequently, the viewing experience is not only visual but sensory as the sweet smell of tobacco fills the room.

Look closely and you will see that in some areas the filter end is up and in others it’s the tobacco end.

The result is astounding.  From one location, the “rug” looks like this,

from another like this.

How, you ask, was this constructed?  The artist made a brown paper drawing for a crew to follow as they put it together, gluing the cigarettes to carpet.  The piece was so large that it had to be done in modules that were fit together in the exhibition space.

To explain this creation, one only has to read the words from these artists:

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4 thoughts on “Smokin’

  1. That is very cool. I can’t imagine having the patience to lay out all those cigarettes.

  2. What will they think of next.. how cool though. I loved how different it looks from each direction.. Thanks for sharing, glad I didn’t miss this one! xo marlis

  3. Much healthier use for cigarettes than smoking them! It’s really pretty amazing. Xu’s mind was really workin’ overtime when he came up with this concept!!! You’d almost have to think he was high on the “other tobacco” when he thought this one up! 🙂 Very creative!

  4. Oh my god! In a way, that’s beautiful. In a way, it’s so ugly. Hum.

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