Perfect at Home

Entertaining is not about perfection; it is about connection.

One of the things I love about my life in Maine is the gathering of friends over shared dinners at home.  Always there is the promise of laughter, stimulating conversation, camaraderie to say nothing of good food.  As often as not, we share in the preparation of the meal, but on this night our hostess did all the heavy lifting and what a meal we had.

The dining table  combined elegance with warmth.

 Surrounded by sparkling silver, the centerpiece was an apple loaded limb freshly cut.

Shades of blue and green were repeated in everything from the placemats to the napkins to the glassware to the dishes.

Speaking of the dishes, they were a real find at the local Goodwill.  Inspired, I went the next day hoping for such a treasure but no such luck!

At this couple’s home, one can always expect the meal to be outrageously good, and this was no exception.

The last of garden tomatoes were used for caprese bursting with flavor.

The main course was a beautifully presented lobster baked in a beurre blanc sauce.  Our host had done the hard work of loosening the tail from its shell so all we had to do was enjoy this mouthwatering delicacy.

Accompanying the lobster, roasted potatoes and a lovely combination of corn and black beans.

As if this were not enough to satisfy any palate, we moved on to dessert which set guests to moaning, not only because it was so good but for what was happening to our collective waistline!  Oh, the dessert? Poached pears topped with ice cream and caramel sauce  and a melt in your mouth brownie.

After this dinner, we satiated guests just wanted to find our way to an empty bed to spend the night dreaming about the comfort of the evening.

 What special times with friends do you most enjoy?

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14 thoughts on “Perfect at Home

  1. Beautiful dinner! Loved the presentation!

  2. Sounds like a perfect evening!! And so delicious looking! The table is lovely and the centerpiece is sooooooooooooooo clever ANS pretty

  3. Oh my goodness, you made me really hungry looking at your post especially the lobster. Your tables cape is really pretty. I love the deep blue color…Christine

  4. Beautiful table…blue/green combo is my very favorite…then add lobster, now we are talking! I love the apple centerpiece.

  5. Nothing like great visits with friends, good food and a delightful table.
    xo bj

  6. Hi Lulu! thanks for visiting Chic Provence! and yes I’ve been thinking about offering flea market finds for sale on my blog… hmmm! anyhow, love your blog and your concept! I’m now a follower!

    Have a glorious day!



  7. How can I even notice the table when I get to the lobster! My mind went totally blank and I was driven completely by my stomach! But, I did notice that the color of the plates were a perfect pairing with the lobster! Yum, and dessert too. I’ll be over, I will even eat mine cold!

  8. It’s so fun too see how people entertain in other parts of the country (or world, for that matter) and I feel like I experienced this dinner with you! Love the apple tree branch, the luscious lobster presentation, and holy cow, that dessert looks wonderful! Thanks for bringing us along!

  9. I gained 5 lbs just looking at the lovely food. What a beautiful table. The use of the apple laden limb was a perfect piece for the table.. Great friends you have!! xo marlis

  10. Hi Linda~ Dinner looks mouth-watering! I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying fresh caught lobster, what a treat! I love the apple limb as a centerpiece on your host’s table!

    1. If you’ll do my tables, I’ll give you all the lobster you can eat!

  11. Looks like a fantastic evening. Nothing better than great company and food around the table.

  12. Good morning, Linda! Only in the upper NE would you find such a fabulous-looking lobster on your plate for dinner!!! I don’t know what these things are we get here that have to pass for lobster, but I know there’s a huge difference. I think because all the lobsters are flown into the Midwest…the flight probably frightens them and they morph! Your hostess really did it up!!! Isn’t it wonderful to occasionally be a guest where you don’t have to do anything but enjoy? Aaaahhhhh!

    1. Definitely there is a difference between freshly caught lobster and that which is shipped. I enjoy it as much as possible when here. And the answer to your question, an absolute yes!

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