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Small Towns, Big Films

If you are a film buff, then midcoast Maine is the place to be this weekend as the Camden International Film Festival highlights the activities.  The streets of Camden and Rockland are crowded, every inn is booked and eateries are humming as people catch a bite to eat between films.   This is the 6th year for the festival, and each year gets better as filmmakers from all over the world submit their creations.  Some films are  premiered, some have been seen in other venues.  

The focus is on documentaries, stories made and told by people who continue to push the boundaries of the genre.  The hard part is deciding which films to see as the subject matter covers a variety of topics ranging from life on Maine’s islands to rock climbing in Poland to a disgruntled preacher to events of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to…..Well, you get the picture, the topics are as varied, and you end up picking and choosing based on the subject and the time the film is showing.    Seeing several can be quite a challenge since they are shown in multiple venues which just might mean getting in you car and driving to either Camden or Rockland from whichever place you’re in.  

I’d love to tell you more about the festival, but it’s time to hustle to the next showing.  So, what are you doing this weekend?  

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7 thoughts on “Small Towns, Big Films

  1. Camden is a favourite place of ours to visit although it’s been quite a while since we were there we hope to go back again one day and this event might just be the incentive we need!
    Thanks for telling us all about it.

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