Oh What a Day!

“Be ready at 11:30,” said the hubby, “I’m taking you to a special place for lunch.”

Well, that set my heart to racing.  Had he found a new restaurant?  Were we going on a boat adventure?  Just what was in store?  The answer came after about a half hour’s drive.

Here we were at the Windsor fair, one of the largest of the many fairs that happen in Maine during late summer.

Walking through the exhibition hall, there were prizes for everything from produce to handmade items to canned goods.  It appeared that no one went home without recognition of one kind or another.

Then it was out to the midway teeming with people and featuring all the usual rides and activities.

Here was a new twist, an iPad as a prize.  Would you believe there were more people trying their luck at the games offering stuffed animals!!

As we wandered into the food area, there were all kinds of tempting offerings from the best fried Maine seafood to Italian sausage to fried dough to burgers and hot dogs or whatever else could give you a big stomachache.  Nothing here that Jamie Oliver would be proud to have you eat!

We finally settled on sandwiches with enough meat on each for three people.  Hey, we are at the fair!

While there was lots of excitement on the midway, we settled for the livestock exhibits where the Texas longhorn was getting a lot of attention.  Evidently, that’s not a common breed in these parts, and it took a Texan to explain that yes, those horns are real!

The real fun was in the arena where teams competed in calf cutting.  Boy, you have to be quick in the saddle to get those little doggies.

Finally, it was time for the harness races, something I’d been wishing to see for several years.  Those little buggies flat move around the track, and it looked like it took a lot more skill than I’d thought about to keep them upright.

Some folks take this racing stuff seriously and carefully study the betting sheets before putting down their money.  I decided my money was best left in my pocket.

After a long afternoon in the sun, it was time to go.  As we wandered out we heard the sound of country music and smiled as two couples got up to click their heels.  Don’t some people just know how to have fun!

Joining the fun at Seasonal Sundays

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8 thoughts on “Oh What a Day!

  1. What a fun day at the fair! I haven’t been to ours in years. Loved looking back at the fun Lobster roll table and that beautiful wedding! Gorgeous bride and I do love her dress. Thanks for your sweet visit last week. I’m late in getting back around.

  2. I ♥ fairs and haven’t been to one in years. You make me want to attend our local fair which will be next month Ÿ I especially like eating the candy apples they sell.

  3. This looks like great fun! It reminds me very much of our Kentucky State Fair!

  4. That really looks like a FUN day! My DH never does anything like that. :/

    I’m finally getting around to answering your question about DZelta. Its my daughter who is the DZ, not me. I was married & she was 5 yrs. old before I got to go to college. She, on the other hand, spent many carefree years there, & even got her Masters. She is a BIG DZ supporter! Maybe someday my DGD, Ms. C. will follow along too. She sure like PINK & GREEN enough. LOL

  5. Yeah for a great Fair Adventure, Linda! Looks like a whole lot of fun.

  6. Sounds like a great Sunday afternoon to me! It is still so warm here. Not complaining, the winter will come soon enough! By the clothes in your pics, it looks warm there too, but not compared to TX, they are frying!
    We went apple picking today, a block from the ocean so a cooling breeze. The gkids were sweating and wanted to go back to the beach!
    32 bucks a bag for apples. When we started going there in 1990 it was 11!

  7. Neat day and you did not go home hungry! When do you come home? It is hot again in Alabama and I think in Texas too. The mornings are pleasant but afternoons get warm. Enjoy the beautiful fall there.

  8. You’re probably right…Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain, and Dr. Oz are all plotting an intervention on you as we speak!!!! 🙂 That was fun, though, for your husband to take you there. I am going to show this to Ramon and “suggest” that he pull little surprises like that on me on occasion!

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