The Day is Here!

“Will you marry me?”
“Yes, yes, yes!”
“Wanna get married in Maine?”
“Really? Can it be somewhere we can see the water?”
It started something like this and before you know it, we are having a small wedding for a friend’s son in our yard overlooking Rockport Harbor, not a bad spot!

The porches have been scrubbed and swept one last time.

The table is set,

The cakes have been delivered.

Flowers have been hung with care.

All the players are in place, and here she comes to the soft sounds of a classical guitar.

Is ever a girl so beautiful as on her wedding day?

The afternoon was a bit breezy and the air a tad cool, but we hardly noticed as the bride and groom spoke their vows,their faces lit with joy. There was even a tear or two as family and friends relished the moment.

I wonder, is there ever a more perfect moment than when two people commit to sharing their lives?
What a privilege to have been part of this most special day. I loved the intimacy of it and the shared joy. One thing’s for sure though. No matter the size of the wedding, the same effort is required!

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14 thoughts on “The Day is Here!

  1. How wonderful of you to share your beautiful home for such a momentous & special day! What a hospitable and generous soul…

    1. Hey, it made the couple happy, and it was fun for us.

  2. You are a fabulous friend to host such a perfectly beautiful wedding. Hmm…wonder if you will still be up for it when Erin finds her Mr. Wonderful?!?

  3. What a WONDERFUL way to get married,a small intimate with people who really matter. They are also being SO wise in not letting their wedding day sock up a massive amount of money. We too had a smallish wedding, …OK not this small but at least we saved for it ourselves and were not a penny in debt afterwards over it.
    Many friends helped us too, the flowers came at wholesale rate from a friend who’s a florist, our vintage car was loaned from Himself’s boss (who even decorated it wonderfully for us too!) and friends helped up put up decorations in the cafe we had the reception in the night before the wedding day, my dress was made by a friend and I embroidered the decoration on it.
    What a wonderful couple these two make, and the dress is gorgeous !! (so is your lovely wedding table, you did them proud!)

    1. I love your story. It left me with such wonderful pictures in my head!

  4. It looks beautiful, Lulu. Thank God the weather co operated.
    Enjoy these last days of summer!

    1. Summer ended all too quickly, but I do love fall.

  5. That wedding looks beautiful, and so does the bride! What a pretty dress.

    I look forward to planning a wedding someday 🙂

    1. ….and yours will have all the right food touches!

  6. If Deke and I renew our vows, will I look like the bride?

    You were so nice to do that!

    1. Maybe not like this one but beautiful in your own way.

  7. Absolutely Beautiful!
    When you’re ready to launch your new career… weddings by the sea, I would be very happy to mention your services on our website…

    1. I don’t think you are going to have to worry about this becoming a business, but it sure was fun doing this one.

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