Sometimes a sight is so stunning that you have to take a moment and say thank you for all the beauty that surrounds us.  So it was as the moon rose over Penobscot Bay.  Luckily the hubby’s camera was in the car, and he was able to capture the magic.  It needs no words.

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11 thoughts on “Moonrise

  1. Now that is beautiful!~Ames

  2. The reflection is wonderful.

  3. Your photo is beautiful! I have a special affinity for the full moon.

  4. Moon over the water…one of my favorite things to see. This is a beautiful shot…well-framed. Another inspiration…

  5. Every night, we are blessed to see the the beauty of this part of the world, framed by one lovely tree.

  6. Stunning! Check out my sunrise/sunset album on my profile on
    Go set up an account and friend me!
    Marci Copeland

  7. Oh my god. That looks so unreal! Gorgeous.

  8. Looks like the perfect picture to frame and cherish the beauty. What a lovely memory and wonderful camera shot with the moon over the water and the reflection. You are right -it needs no words. God has created a wonderful world for us to enjoy.

  9. Looks beautiful! Treasure your time in such a beautiful place. Just heard another report about the extreme drought in TX. Must be awful!

  10. Great shot, dad! Love the reflection on the water. Did you have your tripod with you?

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