Each year at this time is a wonderful Open Studio Tour in the Camden/Rockport, Maine area that features work by a number of talented artists working in a variety of mediums.  How lucky I am to be a part of it!

This sign points right to the front door.

From the entry to the kitchen, the house has been converted to a gallery of visual delights.

Sasha’s pottery is a beautiful complement to my textiles.  This gal’s talent is incredible.

This show is also a wonderful opportunity to show off work by other talented artists.

These wonderful neck pieces made from silk ties byLilian Asterfield were a big hit

as were wonderful wire mesh baskets from Santamarina Baskets.

It seems that people are always looking for baby gifts, so I could not resist including some of Lulu’s whimsies and adorable silkscreen pillows from Tembo Studio.

I have to confess that getting ready for a show is hard work, and the anticipation causes stomach flip-flops.  One always feels a little vulnerable when exhibiting their own work which is why I like to be surrounded by other wonderfully talented people.  When the doors open and people come in and like what they see, it is incredibly reinforcing and provides the incentive to keep creating.

Wish you were here to stop by.  Wherever you are, have a wonderful Sunday.

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9 thoughts on “Show Time

  1. Wish I were there, too, to see all the beautiful things you and your friends made. A perfect way in which to honor the day, to place yourself in the company of other talented artists…here’s to community & creativity! Hope it was a success…

  2. What a fun event and so much variety. I love the setting. I would have been so fun to have seen it in person. How wonderful to be able to surround yourself with your talented friends.

  3. Linda
    You have found some wonderfully creative people with whom to share your own creativity. Must be fun and I am indeed sorry not to be there to see all these wonderful things. Glad I got my necklace before you went off to Maine.

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