Entertaining with Ease

“Entertaining is not about perfection; it’s about connection.”

One of our favorite ways to connect with friends is to have them for dinner.  Usually, it’s a small group, no more than 8, sitting around a square table, enjoying good food and engaging in conversation and laughter.

It’s not likely the table will be fancy, but some thought will have been given the presentation.

 This night flowers the colors of summer are arranged in small vases.  They add warmth to the table without getting in anyone’s line of vision.

Square black dinner plates from Ikea are being used for the first time and they are accented with my favorite pottery bowls designed by Nan Kilbourn Tara.  Each bowl has a different vegetable, and the size is perfect for so many things.  

In this setting I like the contrast between the black and terra cotta and how the bowls pick up the warm wood tones of the table.

Black napkins are folded  in half, folded accordion style and then fanned out for the finishing touch.

Now the table has just the right feel and warmth for tonight’s dinner.  Won’t you join us?

By the way, though I like the look of the Ikea plates, I didn’t like hearing utensils scrape against them.  The plates are  a little thin and that may be the reason for the annoying sound.

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20 thoughts on “Entertaining with Ease

  1. Hi! You are right after me over at Between Naps on the Porch, so thought I’d stop by and see your scape. Glad I did as it is very lovely and welcoming. Don’t you love the colors of summer in flowers? Love your napkin fold too.
    I hope you’ll stop by and say hello! 🙂

  2. I sure appreciate when someone goes through the trouble of a wonderful tablescape,.. but it won’t be me. A large leaf with a couple of capiz votives does it for me. Yours look delightful and my lentil soup would fit perfectly in those bowls.

    [I do not believe the Peles Castle, including its theatre, is used these days except for the museum it now is.]

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I would have answered it via email, but, unfortunately, your comments don’t allow a direct reply. Most of the time, I simply forget about replying then, but in your case I just had to come over again. 😉

    Why do you need grandchildren as an excuse to watch a Disney movie?! I don’t have children, but I don’t have any problem with going to see a Disney movie or buying a Disney DVD. Why should I? Disney movies aren’t just for children. If you ever take the time to discover how much work and effort and dedication goes into such a movie (character design, storyboards, artwork, music, background research, costume design etc. etc. etc.), you easily see that such a movie works on many levels. Just my two cents though…

    You have a wonderful blog — I am looking forward to staying in touch!

    — Birgit

  4. What a terrifically elegant tablescape. Love the shine of the black ikea plates against the other textures!

    This feels so rich. If my table looked that pretty I think I’d just serve hot dogs! ha!

    Thanks for linking!


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