Outstanding or Out Standing?

Amazing how some events become such phenomenons that they quickly sell out and people pay a tidy sum for the privilege of attending.  Such is Outstanding in the Field, a culinary event that travels the country and will soon take its show to Europe.  In addition to being a foodie adventure, its stated purpose is to put people more in touch with their food, where it comes from and the people who farm the land.  In that respect, OITF is successful.

The farm where the Maine event was held was a delight.

Vegetable crops were at their peak,

and it was surprising to see artichokes growing there.

Flowers were in full bloom, filling the air with their sweetness.

The afternoon was pleasant, and 140 plus people enjoyed strolling through the gardens

while sipping sparkling rhubarb  wine and enjoying predinner treats.

The fresh, local littleneck clams topped with a cucumber/herb mixture were delicious,

as were the marinated carrots,  cleverly served from a board with holes cut in it.

As the sun was setting we were called to dinner which was served at a long line of tables arranged on a dirt path.

No matching dinnerware at this table!

The first two courses, heirloom tomato panzanetta

and ciopinno, were the favorite dishes.

They were followed with roasted lamb and grilled vegetables served family style.  The dessert was something called a “Jello Shot” accompanying goat brie, honey and thyme shortbread and locally churned butter.

As the evening wore on,  fog rolled in and the air got a little chilly so we were not unhappy to load back into our van and head home.

While the evening could be called an adventure, our group agreed that we don’t particularly care for fruit wines and that we have had better dinners at one another’s home.  Still, you have to give credit to someone whose idea has become a most successful and, I would say, profitable venture.

If you have attended Outstanding in the Field elsewhere in the country, I would love to know your experience.

Joining the fun at Seasonal Sundays and Foodie Friday.


3 thoughts on “Outstanding or Out Standing?

  1. Looks like an absolutely amazing event. The food looks terrific!

    Great to have you be a part of Sesonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  2. I have never been to anything like this but it looks fabulous. Maybe it could have been tastier but the ambiance was awesome and so were your photos. It sure made me wish I was there.

    Hugs, Jeanne

    PS: About the LUSH post. I bought a couple of things for gifts and one thing for me. It was very costly. I loved the store though. Fun!!!

  3. a good opportunity to meet others! lovely clams and carrots 🙂

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