Sunrise, Sunset

I think these may have been words to an old Jerry Vale song, but here they describe God’s artistry at sunrise and sunset.  

Sunrise can be filled with mystery at the Grand Canyon. (Photo by PCL)In Italy, morning comes softly

while off the coast of Maine, God’s hand is at work over the water. (Photo by LLH)

The evening is no less spectacular, and it’s amazing how the colors change with the season.

At the Grand Canyon,  smoky purples and oranges close out the day in summer.

In Tuscany, the sun sinks romantically over the land

while in Maine the water is colored by the day’s last rays.

God is an incredible artist, and nowhere is His work more evident than at the beginning and end of each day.

Joining Outdoor WednesdayAlphabet Thursday with the letter S and Pink Saturday.

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21 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sunset

  1. Great idea! Makes me want to go through my photos and make a folder of all my favorite sunrise/sunset pics. God is truly the artistic Creator!

  2. I could not pick a favorite as each scene is handpainted by God in such rich beauty for us to enjoy. Thank you for the journey and the travel around the globe.
    I had so much fun enjoying the rich beauty of each one.

  3. Beautiful photography!!! I’ve taught my grandsons that every time they see a sunrise or sunset they are to remember that Grandmommy loves them very much. My daughter Vicki said one day, Patrick was at the glass storm door looking out at the sunset ” throwing a kiss” and when she asked what he was doing, he replied, ” I’m throwing Grandmommy a kiss.” Doesn’t that just bring tears to your eyes, especially when you realize he is my Asperger Syndrome grandson.

  4. what an amazing collection of perfection:) Love the grand canyon, I was there this year and to experience that was such a special moment for me 🙂
    Amazing to see one of many Gods creations, truly breathtaking
    Have a wonderful Pink Weekend

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