Rockport Harbor, A Special Place

Years ago, Charles Kurault referred to midcoast Maine’s Rockport Harbor as one of the five most beautiful places he had visited.  I’ll not disagree.

  It is home to about fifteen lobster boats, the sound of which wake me most mornings,

and more than a hundred pleasure craft, all sizes and shapes.

At one end of the harbor is a boat yard specializing in building wooden boats

and at the entrance from the bay is a classic lighthouse.

Lime was once the lifeblood of the harbor.  Now all that remains are the kilns

and a train engine that might have pulled loaded cars away.

Rockport Harbor’s real claim to fame is Andre, an orphaned seal that the then harbormaster took under his wing, raised and trained to do tricks.  Stories about Andre and his antics are still being told by old-timers, and he is immortalized with a bronze, oops granite, sculpture that enchants kids, young and old.

No matter the time of day

or the season, Rockport Harbor is a most special place that touches my soul.

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21 thoughts on “Rockport Harbor, A Special Place

  1. Wonderful shots!

    Mine’s here.

  2. Such gorgeous captures. I love Maine. I haven’t been there in years but that craggy coastline and green countryside have a very fond place in my heart.

    Thanks for the little trip down memory lane…and for letting me escape the 115 degree weather here…if only vicariously.

    Thank you for linking.


  3. Wow Lulu this are pretty shots for WW! Have a nice day.

  4. Okay, I’ve got to add Maine to my vacation list. I was there as a child and enjoyed it, but I think it would be even better as an adult. Maybe that will be our camping trip next year. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos.

    1. Acadia National Park has lots of wonderful camping opportunities for you to try.

  5. It looks so beautiful, thanks for posting these lovely pictures!

  6. I’m going to make it up there one day. I’ve been as far as Rhode Island. There is so much to see in the North East.~Ames

    1. You are right about there being much to see. Maine doesn’t have all the historical landmarks of some other New England states, but it is a place of natural beauty.

  7. So beautiful…I would love to visit there. I have SERIOUS weather envy since I just googled and saw it was in the 70’s during the day & 50’s at night…*sigh*. We’ll be lucky if we’re enjoying those temps by the end of October! Oh to be sleeping with the windows open and hearing the lobster boats… Love LaBoat 🙂

    1. Mary, if you will put your creative tablescape skills to work, you can come any time!

  8. It has been many years since I have seen Rockport Harbor. I’m glad to see that it is just as beautiful!!!

  9. love your blog, awesome showcase.

  10. You’re pretty talented behind the lens! Yes, Rockport is a gem…

  11. THat is a beautiful place. I love your photo’s. Great R word

  12. Fabulously beautiful photos of the harbor and the environs. Am in Chicago now …so seeing these makes me miss being Downeast more than ever.

  13. Some great images! Love the reflections on the water!

  14. Andre’s image looks like it is done in granite and not bronze, just a minor issue in beautiful photos. Paula

  15. Beautiful images. So lovely and interesting.

    1. Even better, Bonnie, in reality!

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