Antiquing Anyone?

In Texas, it’s Roundtop; in Massachusetts, it’s Brimfield; in Maine it’s Union.  These are the sites for big outdoor antiques fairs.  Now, all of the stuff can be a bit overwhelming for me, but there’s always something that catches my eye, either because it reminds me of someone or because it would be fun to have.  Take a look and see if there’s anything for you.

These planters are just too fun, and if they hadn’t already been sold I would have been tempted to take them home.

Typewriters seem to be a popular decorating item these days, and this one would be a great accessory.

When I see anything that would fit a French country decor, I think of my daughter.  I know she could find a place for these pieces.

Oh, do I need this for those blueberry picking forays

and wouldn’t these look great hanging on a wall

or this….now that would really be an eye-catcher!

I would have bought these gourds to add to my collection that are used for fall tablescapes, but the vendor was so unfriendly and disinterested in making a sale that I left them there.

What I really wanted were these handmade tin hats from the 1800’s.  They have that touch of whimsy that I love, but the price ($1200 each) kept them in their place.

Most of the time I come home empty handed, but it’s fun to look.  What I enjoy most about antiquing is spending time with a friend.  I’m glad you were along.

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17 thoughts on “Antiquing Anyone?

  1. I heard all good comments about the Union Fair this year, I’m so sad I missed it! I just redecorated one of our guest rooms at the Inn and re-named it Provence – the chair would have been perfect!

  2. Have always wanted to go to Round Top but it hasn’t worked out. I did get to go to Brimfield in 2002 and it was quite an experience. Overwhelming in fact. At that time I was involved in a small antique business so the pressure to buy to resale was great. It would be so enjoyable to do it just for fun. Glad you enjoyed your visit. It is always fun to see interesting things out there for sale.

    1. I agree with you about Brimfield and Roundtop is the same. Union is about the right size and even then I get tired of looking before I’m done. I think it would be very hard to buy for resale my not knowing what anything is worth.

  3. Darn! I picked the wrong weekend to go to Portland. I’m penciling this into my calendar for next year right now. That typewriter is cool looking.

  4. I would need a U-Haul to shop any of those! I’ve always wanted to go to Roundtop & Brimfield! I love the shell of the car on the wall 🙂

  5. I wold have loved to have been with you for that one.. I’ve never been to Round top and sorely need to go! Such lovely treasures.. those hats are dang cute! xo marlis

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