Grow it Here

Rats, somehow I blew away my photos showing how to build the raised garden here, so you will have to be satisfied with a simple how to.  There is an easy tutorial here if you need the visual.

My garden is 4’x8′ made from 12″x8′ lumber.  Three boards are required, with one being cut in half.   The pieces are screwed together and the corners reinforced with 4″ square pieces cut to the same length as the depth of the garden and screwed in place.

The site where the box is to be put should be cleared and leveled so the container sits securely in place. Once the box is in place, fill it with organic soil and plant with your veggies of choice.

So, what do you do if you don’t have enough yard for a garden?  There are a number of alternatives that will allow you to grow lettuce, herbs and maybe even tomatoes.  Tomato plants, though, do have a tendency to get BIG and likely do better in a garden setting.

Take a look at some of these creative ideas.

My daughter used wine crates as containers for her herbs and vegetables.

Who would think about using trash cans!  This is an idea I’m trying for sure.

Could it get any simpler than this?

Nothing complicated about this and think what an attractive display for patio or porch.

Well, you get the idea that you can do a little gardening most anywhere. To get the skinny on growing in containers, look here.  It’s a great place to start.   A couple of things I have learned is to water newly planted vegetables and herbs often to help them get started and harvest often to encourage reproduction.  Have fun with your garden and let me know what you learn.

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8 thoughts on “Grow it Here

  1. Lots of interesting ideas to try there.

  2. Hi Linda

    I have a vegetable patch this year filled with cabages brocolli, onions, carotts and some parsnips for later in the year. I have a little routine when I get home, I feed the chickens collect the eggs water the tomato plants and see if I have any flowers on the sweet pea plants. We have lot’s of rabbits in the field opposite and so everything has to be protected just in case Peter Rabbit comes calling.

    It’s great therapy after a day at work!


    1. I agree, there is something therapeutic about the garden. I can’t resist going out every day to see what has changed. There is always a little surprise.

  3. As a renter, container plantings are the way to go! I have some pots of herbs right now, but I’m thinking next spring, I’ll break out the wine crates – so pretty…Thanks!

  4. I saw some lettuces growing in Galvanized wash Tubs in a yard in Crested Butte, Co.

    1. Very cool idea and looks great.

  5. I’ve just showed this post to my husband and we’re going to do the raised beds next summer. The one spot we have to grow veggies just doesn’t have good soil despite amending it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Our soil was so rocky it was impossible to dig so this worked great.

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