Creating A Table

Turn some people loose in flowering spaces and wonderful things can happen as did recently when a visiting friend came inside with arms loaded with what she had found in my yard.

Said she, “Do you have something I can put this in?”  “Sure,” says I, “just look in the mudroom and see what you can find.”  And so began the makings of a lovely table for that night’s dinner.

She used several different  containers, ranging from pint sized sprinkler cans to small vases with interesting shape or color.  Each was filled with the garden’s brilliant colors and greenery snipped from different bushes and trees.

Thinking these arrangements sitting atop an antique crewled fabric were not enough, she looked around for more things to mix with them.

There were these adorable lunch boxes from the VanGogh Museum in Amsterdam,

a few stones from the beach and some little fake fruits from a bowl in the pantry.

She even incorporated a lulu designs necklace, a perfect complement to the hydrangeas.

By itself, this was a wonderful table, but we carried it one step further and set the table for dinner using white, floral design plates recently purchased from TJ Maxx, known around these parts as the Mother Ship.

The little girls chose multicolored napkins and, again, colors from the centerpiece were repeated or complemented.  The girls were very excited to learn an easy napkin folding trick that creates a pocket for the silverware.

Chunky glassware from the 50’s in tones of pink were perfect additions.

In our house, tablescapes are simple and add a special something to our time together around the table.  They are all the more fun when hands have joined in the preparation.

Come back tomorrow for the yummy swordfish salad that we had for dinner.

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17 thoughts on “Creating A Table

  1. Love that you are rearing your granddaughters to contribute to the tablescape. They will grow up knowing how to set a beautiful table…and do dynamite napkin folds!


  3. How fun and what a lovely garden grows upon your table!

  4. How wonderful to have so much blooming beauty right in your own yard! You and your friend did a fabulous job arranging the centerpiece, and how fun the little ones also got involved! I love all the color and the fresh flowers.

  5. I haven’t given up my ‘black’ wardrobe yet, seeing as I moved to Maine from NYC, but I’m gradually adding in more color. Maybe I should take a cue from you to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside to my table and let the brilliance of nature work its spectrum of magic on me. LOVE your arrangements!

    1. This time of year all the blooming things give us about as much color as we need and are a wonderful complement to black!!

  6. Created with the eye of an artist. Cunning…clever choices for the centerpiece. The Mother Lode….I love that! Thank you for sharing your delightful design. Cherry Kay

    1. I think someone has inherited a knack for putting things together!

      1. They’re learning and seem to have fun creating their own table. The results are sometimes interesting.

  7. What a neat table! All those beautiful flowers…you must have a thumb greener than the Green Giant himself!!! I really love that blue hydrangea. Is it called French hydrangea with those tight little buds? I forget. At any rate, it is beautiful! You did a great job on your post this week! I am still not very good at putting the photos up in clusters. Hard to figure that part out. You did a magnificent job! Have a great week!

    1. Not a very green thump. Flowers just seem to like blooming and growing in Maine.

  8. Isn’t it more fun when friends help? What a lovely lovely centerpiece. and the mother load provided a great find! your flowers are soo pretty.. thanks for sharing, xo marlis

  9. Oh how fun to have a friend play with all your goodies and help create a flower filled table! Love the lunchboxes & necklace incorporated into your table & your dishes are perfect with their pattern & color!!

    1. What a fun idea and how lucky you are to have a friend play around like this with you! Love the new plates! I too love T.J. Maxx…

  10. This just screams “it’s summer and we are relaxing having fun!” A blaze of colour and it looks GREAT!
    Swordfish… I know what the fish looks like but have never eaten it… sounds interesting so I’ll await the recipe 🙂

    1. Kiwi, you could probably try the recipe with salmon.

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