Blueberry Heaven!

After several days of sweltering heat, today was pleasant enough to make us think a little hike would be nice.  Off we went looking for a trail that we heard led to lots of wild Maine blueberries.

We found the trail which wound through cool woods alive with bird sounds.  We heard but did not see the birds.  Along the path were patches of blueberry bushes with no berries.  Someone had already picked them clean.  Oh woe!

Not ones to be discouraged, we kept on trekking, finally getting off the trail to see if we could find what we were looking for.

A few yards away, there it was….BLUEBERRY HEAVEN.  Just the sight of those luscious little berries makes your heart beat faster!

We picked and picked with our goal being to gather enough berries for our favorite cobbler.

the girlsEven the girls, Lizzy and Sara, got into the act filling their little bags with berries.

The big girls picked and ate and ate and picked.  When they’d worn themselves out they said, “You keep picking, Lulu.  We’re going to find some shade.”

Well, that’s that.  I picked. They rested.

So, what did you do this pleasant summer day?

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15 thoughts on “Blueberry Heaven!

  1. Oh how I love blueberries – and wild blueberries, all the better.

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  2. i love fruit picking, its so rewarding 🙂

    1. Also gives you a backache!!!

  3. What a fun afternoon. To spend it together hiking to pick berries, and bring some home is special time together. How cute that Lizzy and Sarah got in on the fun too. Sweet pictures, thanks for sharing.

    The French Hutch

  4. wow! such great pictures. i love the light on the girls hands full of blueberries. i feel like i cold see that in a museum. or a print for sale in a small boutique shop.
    glad cooler temps are headed your way. see you soon!

  5. Planting sweet memories — it will be wonderful harvesting them later on 🙂

    1. wonderful summers in maine

  6. Blueberry heaven, indeed!!!! And such precious little girls to enjoy those heavenly blueberries!!!!!

    Please, if you get a chance, stop by and leave a comment to win my first giveaway!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Lana In Italy

  7. Aww…fun to see my girls (and their dolls) from afar. They aren’t missing a thing here at home…hotter than hot! Glad the cool air is returning to Maine! Xoxo!

  8. I look forward to your “annual” blueberry blog. I love blueberries so much, I should plant some and see how it goes in Houston! Enjoy your cobbler!

    1. These little ones stay in Maine and have a taste you wouldn’t believe. They are small but burst with flavor in your mouth.

  9. I sat and watched my 4 gkids paying in the water. It was overcast , but with a nice breeze which made it bearable. Back at the house it was still. Amazing the difference in 30 yds!
    I remember picking those small wild berries on LI when I was young. We had tons of them in our wooded yard, but the birds usually got them. In the 70’s when we first started summering in Southampton, we discovered a farmer who had high bush blueberries. In Aug we would go pick and rush home to make a pie! People used to make a bucket out of a halved clorox jug, poke holes in it, add string and hang around their necks. That way they could pick with both hands! Big, fat juicy berries, just wonderful. The farm is gone now.
    Enjoy your berries!

  10. Thanks for the reminder! I am off to make blueberry banana muffins! Wish I was in Maine picking them fresh!

    1. Wish you were here, too! We got enough for a cobbler with enough left over for muffins.

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