It is a rare day to wake up and not hear the rumbling noise of lobster boats leaving the harbor to check their traps.

Good weather or bad,  out they go even on mornings dense with fog.

There is something about lobster boats I love….

their names,

the colorful buoys,

the bright orange of the lobstermen’s gear.

But most of all, I like the comforting noise of their engines letting me know that day has begun and all is well.  Oh, and should I say what a treat it is to run down to the dock when they return and getting lobster fresh off the boat!

N is for noise at Alphabet Thursday  and Blue Monday

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19 thoughts on “Comforting Noise

  1. That’s a dream ! Eating lobster so fresh ! These boats look so cute ! Unfortunately you don’t say where it is !
    The best lobster I ever had was on Cape Cod when we were in the States in the 90th.

  2. Nothing in the world is better to eat than lobster fresh off the boat.

    Thanks for stopping by. As much as I loved New Orleans, I would never want to live there. It’s just a little too eccentric for my taste…

  3. Oooh….great shots!! I love lobster boats! My Aunt & Uncle live in Maine and we used to travel up there for summers and I LOVED the lobster boats/water/the whole “feel” of the area!!!!

    Lana In Italy

  4. I volunteer at CMCA, and love walking around the harbor afterwards, taking in all those beautiful sights & sounds. What a magical place! Thanks for the photos…

  5. I think I *won’t* show this post to Himself, I know that he will dream of lobster … and here in NL, well, you just don’t want to know how expensive they are.
    We were in Maine a few years ago though and Himself was in lobster heaven!

  6. Lulu, I’ve missed so many lovely posts. But I’m catching up fast.. The one concerning your mom broke my heart. My MIL has dementia and is currently in assisted living and doing well, but I know this can change in an instant. You have my prayers. I loved your post about the luncheon. That was lovely. What a gracious way to entertain. The food looks so scrumptious. I am sorry you missed your beloved peonies. But you are still in a much cooler spot with such beautiful vistas. Thanks so much for sharing with us. xo marlis

  7. What a neat link.

    It’s funny how certain noises become such a part of our daily routine that things feel ‘wrong’ without them!

    How fun for you to get fresh lobsters, too!

    Thanks for a nifty little trip. You live in such a beautiful place.


  8. I love reading posts like this…..that take me to another world. I have never heard a lobster boat but I have seen a herd of deer in my yard eating my roses. I would love to trade for just a day and see your world….and you could see mine. But I am sure I would miss my little four legged things and you would miss your colorful buoys.

  9. What wonderful noise! We have a fishing guide near us at the lake that we can hear in the spring & fall when we sleep with the windows open, around 5:30 every morning like clockwork, go out on his boat! Love the lobster boats you captured~ especially Pete’s 🙂 Names on boats are always fun to record & see. I’ve never had a lobster that fresh before~ what a treat!

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