Frustrations & Observations

If you have read my most recent posts, you know I’ve been doing hospital duty.  Any of you who have done that know how very frustrating it can be to say nothing of tiring and, did I say boring!  If the patient enters through the emergency room, that adds to the frustration as it can be hours of waiting before he or she is treated and admitted.  And, if observations are correct, during the wait, some staff is more interested in chatting on cellphones than paying attention to the needs of the patient.  Go figure!

Being admitted doesn’t end the waiting if my mother’s recent situation is any indication.  It was a full two hours before anyone came to take her vitals or hook her up to IV’s.  When you don’t know what is going on and a person is really sick, that can be a little frightening.  Just ask the daughter who was covering the bases until I got to Houston.

For the week plus Mother was in the hospital, it was discouraging to see how little contact nurses actually have with their patients.  It seems that in today’s world more emphasis is placed on paperwork than on patient care.  What a shame!  I cannot help but wonder how a patient  makes it in the hospital without a family member or full time caregiver being present to advocate.   Yes, there are a lot of sick people in a hospital requiring much of staff, but when help is needed, the request should be responded to, not  treated as if it were an imposition.

Now,  there’s more to the story than the frustrations experienced in the hospital.  It is learning first hand that our medical/insurance system is totally screwed up.  Some of you will say AMEN to that!  I won’t go into all the details of that observation, but be warned that Medicare or its benefits administered by another service are not universally accepted.  Many health care providers just don’t want to jump through all the hoops involved with filing claims.  This creates a whole new set of problems once a patient is released from the hospital and requires skilled nursing/rehab, and once more a question is raised.  What happens to people who can’t pay?  Insurance isn’t going to solve the problem if facilities don’t accept it!

I feel very strongly that if  elected officials making the decisions about health care were held to the same standards as the rest of us, things might not be so complicated.  It is obvious that the system is flawed, and I have no confidence that Washington is going to fix it unless we voters put pressure on the people we elect to participate in the same system we do.  Perhaps, then some common sense would enter into the process though without good people being elected, even that is debatable.

OK, I have vented, but I think we are talking about some very serious issues here that ultimately will affect all of us.   That in itself is a very scary thought. Just curious, what are your opinions?

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17 thoughts on “Frustrations & Observations

  1. gailofgreenliving July 2, 2011 — 9:52 pm

    I agree 100%!~ I can’t tell you how many times just this past week that I have had conversations regarding this issue. Why is it never mentioned in the news media, but always in our social media and email?!

  2. I also agree 100%. We will have a hard time getting congress to go through what we do in health care adn retirement. They have taken care of themselves over time. Slowly, but surely they have made the rules which the constitution say they can not do. Then look who has to take back what they have done. The Congress, like taking back a raise isn’t it? You are also right that the people need to be up in arms, but I think many don’t care. Many don’t want to cause further problems. However, we do need to take more of a stand. Keep spreading the word.

  3. It’s often not until we’re in a jam that we realize how bad things really are. I know I didn’t know how bad things had gotten until this experience. Frustrating. So sorry.

  4. When insurance companies decide what tests or meds. are allowed, something is incredibly out of whack.

  5. I feel your pain. I am caring for my mother and although our hospital is really very good, the last time we were in for a procedure that should have taken 4 hours it took 10. We were in the hospital from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. It took her 3 days to recover from the stress of the day. We have had no trouble yet with insurance…partly due to my Father’s good planning. Hang in there. I can’t say it will get better but hopefully it will. Happy 4th…thanks for visiting my blog. It was a while ago and I’m finally catching up with comments. Sorry it took me so long.

  6. Isn’t it comforting that those who make the laws are not held to the same standards as those affected by the laws! Something to think about this July fourth. I hope your mom is doing better. Happy fourth, many blessings, marlis

  7. Carolyn Ireland July 3, 2011 — 10:01 am

    Linda, I feel your frustration. Ed’s folks are 90 and 87 and she is in terminal stage Alzheimer’s. I can say that their hospitalizations have been pretty good in WIchita Falls but dealing with the VA has been the world’s biggest pain. It took a year to get his “care and assistance” checks to start with Ed calling every day for a while and then they sent only 10% of what he was due. He is veteran of WWII. They said they recalculate every January so they would look at it then. Ed, whom you will remember, never gets angry, yelled at the guy” HE is NINETY! He may not be here next January!!!”Then they stopped answering the phone or allowing you to leave messages so we called our congressman, Michael Burgess, who has a full time person in Lewisville to deal with VA. She had Ed file a Congressional Inquiry which resulted in not only the correct amount of money in the checks, but a $23,000 check for money they had withheld for years which no one knew about. WIth all the veterans being eligible for aid, they are evidently unable to cope with the volume. Congressional inquiries seem to work.

  8. Linda,
    thinking of you and feeling your frustration…if its any comfort its the same all over the world.
    We had to jump through all kinds of hoops with my Mother too.
    Wish there was an easy solution…
    good luck and good vibes to you…

  9. Dealing with my 92 year old father in the hospital and getting him released to a skilled nursing home was one the the most frustrating events I have ever experienced. Whenever one asked about costs, the answer was always the same. Don’t worry that is covered by Medicare for so many days. Then look at the difference in costs for Medicare and Private Pay clients. We MUST fix this problem and elect people who can and will.
    Hoping that you found a skilled nursing home that will treat her with dignity and respect.

    1. Ah, sounds like you are finding out the hard truths as well. So, what do we do?

  10. The part of this post that really resonates with me is the amount of contact doctors/nurses have with their patients. I don’t know if it was always like this or if I’m just noticing it at this point in my life. Plenty of people make it through the lectures, textbooks, and internships of medical/nursing school but do not actually possess the spirit of a healer. That’s incredibly sad to me. And for the ones who do, our healthcare system seems to have stomped out the the last glowing embers. It’s a mess–so big of a mess that I can’t come up with any answers.

    1. I do think people enter the medical profession for the right reasons, but you’ve hit on something when you say their enthusiasm may be stomped out. The system is partly responsible for that.

  11. I agree with you 100% that something HAS TO BE DONE! Sorry, you are having to go through this.

  12. I could’t agree more Linda! Friday at 7:30am I ended up at the hospital in Belfast. I was the only patient in the ER, my pain was unbearable. It took 2 hours for them to x ray my shoulder & hand, 2.5 hours to receive my first pain medication – completely unexceptable. It’s not an exaggeration when I tell you they asked me the same ridiculous questions a minimum of 10 times throughout the day… do I have dentures, do I have nail polish on, who will drive me home,
    I nearly blew a gasket when they tried to insist on a pregnancy test… I feel your pain… in my wrist, my shoulder and in my heart. Hang in there.

    1. Pregnant! That’s the only question Mother wasn’t asked. I’m hanging but barely.

  13. I can relate to your frustration!

    – The Tablescaper

  14. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog about my ill blog friend Mariette.
    Do you know, reading this, I have to tell you there really is no difference when I read your story, to the situation in the UK ?
    Both the Modern Country Gentleman’s parents- both elderly- had to be in hospital on two separate occasions- for really serious operations- and .. yes. paperwork seems more important, no time for the patient.My mother in law was in pain and needed help, we rang the bell, and I could hear staff chatting and laughing without any response.My partner and his parents are English, and so quite reserved, so” did not want to make a fuss”- err.. basically I don’t care, if someone’s in pain, you get help!Eventually I got so cross I went up to reception where the staff was chatting and asked if they could help an old lady who was in pain.No apologies by the way from them – we were made to feel we were an imposition.And o, yes, both the elderly parents have a separate quite expensive health insurance soo.. er.. they were paid allright !! So annoying.Who needs this in a time of stress when a loved one may or may not be dying !!
    Anyway that was that off my chest=- sorry :-))
    Hope you have a great weekend.

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