Tablescape Challenge

Traveling in an RV and setting an attractive table for six are not necessarily compatible.  The table in the van is only for two people so the rest of us had to eat wherever there was a sit down space.  One night, however, we were lucky enough to have a spot in an RV park that had a picnic table right outside the door.

Yahoo, we could all enjoy sitting together!

Before dinner treats were a must to be enjoyed with one of the wonderful wines chosen by the son-in-law driver.  While everything isn’t a perfect match, the tablecloth from Williams Sonoma adds a little color to the table as do the flowers that had traveled with us from Houston.  Nothing like those little touches of home!

Just so we wouldn’t have to eat off paper plates every night, I had brought these colorful melamine dishes picked up at Costco.  Not only are they cheerful but all the pieces mix and match and don’t seem to mind being paired with plastic utensils and paper napkins.

And, thanks to our El Paso Walmart stop we even had real glasses rather than plastic cups.

We also found these great plastic serving pieces at Walmart at the grand cost of $1 each.  They were a perfect match for the dishes and will surely come in handy again.

What fun to make something out of very little, and the best part was having the little girls get into the act.

Do tell me about some of your experiences making do.

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8 thoughts on “Tablescape Challenge

  1. Such a pretty table.. i love the tablecloth and the dishes look fabulous with it. I’d have given you a shopping trip for El Paso! If you back through, let me know. Safe travels.. Many blessings, marlis

  2. Wow, you have set such an elegant tablescape, its hard to tell its a picnic table. You did wonderful job and I love love love the gorgeous tablecloth, perfect backdrop for your colorful dishes and its amazing that you traveled with those gorgeous looking flowers all the way from Texas. Thanks for your sweet comment on my Mason jar drinks. Would love to hear from you again. Have a wonderful week!~Poppy

  3. That’s great! Looks like you had a lot of fun. The girls are adorable!
    I have to tell you I got that tablecloth at the outlet and used it in a Mardi GRAS post. Several of my blogger friends told me it was awful! lol. For 5 dollars I thought I could chance it! 🙂

    1. Hey, what do your blogger buddies know! I bought it on sale too, so maybe it wasn’t one of WS’s best sellers, but, hey, I like it and it sure came in handy.

  4. I would not have expected less from you and Lindsey. Very attractive. What fond memories.

  5. Okay, now I’m really intimidated. I can barely put tasty food on the table, much less do it with panache in an RV. (Is that an oxymoron). I think I missed that gene when I was born.

  6. We ate like queens and queens! Not bad for RV dining! And those wines were amazing!!! I’m still recovering from the trip, but remembering it fondly!


  7. Love this . . . so rustic, chic! Way to keep style alive in an RV!

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