Summing It Up


Yes, this was an experience new for all of us, and while there may have been some initial concerns about six of us traveling for two weeks in an RV, all went well. The son-in-law driver is my new hero having shown incredible driving skills and patience. The hubby did better than expected considering he is not known for enjoying road travel.

the girls

The daughter and little girls were a joy, and I loved the time we had together.

All that being said, there were some learning curves when it comes to RV travel. Not all RV parks are the same.

RV parkSome are little more than concrete parking lots while others are in lovely settings and have nice amenities like a decent shower.

Judging from the number of RVs in every park, they are a popular means of travel.

They come is every size and shape from the big ones to scarcely more than a trailer.

Meals can be a challenge. When you’re in a big ole bus, it’s not easy to go tooling around town looking for a place to eat, so we ate more often than not in the RV. Breakfast and lunch were simple, but our evening meals were as good as any, thanks to my new favorite appliance, the Cuisinart slow cooker which made preparation a snap.

dinnerWe had everything from roasted chicken and venison sausage to slow cooked brisket and ribs. Some of this we had planned to cook on the grill, but with the ban on fires of any kind that was impossible.

The spaces in an RV are tight, especially the kitchen and bath, but we managed without getting in each others way too much. What made a huge difference is that when we stopped, the sides of the bus could be expanded doubling the interior space.

 Just like at home, there were laundry and cleaning chores. Who could get along without a dustbuster on one of these things!

silly funAt the end of a long day, it was good to have some silly fun.

dancingThe son-in-law and daughter gave new meaning to kicking off your shoes and dancing in the kitchen!

Now the question being asked is would you do it again. Yes, provided the son-in-law driver is willing, however, I would either take longer to cover the same amount of ground or be less inclusive. And, I must confess to having experienced the best part of the trip. An unexpected happening called me back to Houston early, and on the return trip the bus blew a tire, had a leaky air hose and lost AC. OUCH! The rest of the crew was a little agitated when they got home a few days later.

No doubt this will be an experience all of us will remember and as years pass I’m betting it becomes one of our stories.  I can’t wait to hear the embellishments.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

10 thoughts on “Summing It Up

  1. This brings back such memories! My parents had an RV and we had some fun times!

    – The Tablescaper

  2. How fun if you can co-habitate on a bus for 2 weeks 🙂 The girls are adorable, I’m sure they have some fun memories & stories to tell. I love the idea, but I would need lots of dramamine!

  3. What a wonderful experience for your three generations of family to share. Memories none of you will forget and don’t we have a remarkable country! I particularly commend your son-in-law and those great cooks! I sometimes have trouble backing up my Tahoe.

  4. Your posts have reminded me of the trips I took as a child with my Parents, Grandparents and cousins to Cedar Point, Ohio. Those trips are life long memories to me and your children and grandchildren are so lucky to have these wonderful experiences with you! Now hurry up and come to Maine!

  5. Oh, my! That upside dancing shot is a hoot! Your slow cooker was the highlight of LIFE on the bus…along with JD’s wine selections. Great teamwork!


    1. Egads! I’m so glad you corrected that comment, Linsey. I was starting to get itchy. 😉

      I come from a camping family. From the tender age of five or so, I and my younger siblings fought in the backseat of a 1970-something Nova as my dad and mom drove cross country with a canvas tent and a large cooler filled with snacks. By the time I was fourteen, we had passed through most of the states, Canada, and Mexico. Those are memories you never forget. I’m so glad you had fun on your trip. Next time, find a place where you can have fires. There’s nothing like sitting around a fire, playing word games with the kids and roasting marshmallows. My parents bought each of the grandchildren miners’ helmets so they can take their night walks with grandpa through the campground, looking for frogs, and see where they’re going. Lots of fun.

      1. Yes, we were prepared to roast by the fire, but fires in West Texas and Arizona demanded extreme caution. It is so dry in those parts that everything works like kindling, and in Arizona the winds were blowing making putting out fires you could see from miles away next to impossible.

  6. Oh, my! That upside dancing shot is a hoot! Your slow cooker was the highlight of lice on the bus…along with JD’s wine selections. Great teamwork!


    1. Man, I hope none of the lice were in the food!

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