On the Road VIII

Three short days is just not enough to see all there is to see in the Grand Canyon, 

helicopterso to give us an opportunity to glimpse a bit more, the hubby surprised us with a helicopter ride on our last day.

first glimpseMoving away from the pinon pines (did you know they are the source of pine nuts?) and catching our first glimpse of the canyon from above was one of those ahhhhhh! moments.

From the air we could see the differences between the south and north rims.

south rimThe south rim is craggy, rich with color

north rimwhile because of its higher elevation and more rainfall, the north rim is greener with thick stands of pine trees.

Colorado RiverWe could see clearly the Colorado River snaking between the two rims, and this day parts of it were a beautiful turquoise, a color most visible  this time of the year.

With feet back on the ground, it was time to leave the canyon behind, but there was one more final look on the way out.

observation towerThis lovely observation tower designed by Mary Colter provided the perfect vantage point from which to say our goodbyes.

final viewWho knows whether or not I will ever see the Grand Canyon again, but if I don’t once was beautiful evidence of God’s masterpieces.

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5 thoughts on “On the Road VIII

  1. Oh I bet it was spectacular to take a helicopter tour! The turquoise color of the river is so surprising to me~ how beautiful!

  2. That view from the sky was really something. God is a master artist and creator, that’s for sure!

    Glad you’ve posted so much, because I can hardly see past the laundry at the moment.

    Great trip!

  3. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon from the air a number of times but not close up. Your pictures are awesome and the trip has been great for you and your family I am sure. I know your grandkids will always remember this trip and you really get to know each other in a motor home. Thanks for sharing your adventures- I have looked forward to each post. Finally got around to posting two posts on our trip to Provence. I am so SLOW!

    Not to whine about technology but….my browser was Safari and I thought downloading pictures was very slow so when I read about Google Chrome being faster I changed. Well, the jury is still out. I will need help to get my google reader back for my home page. I subscribe to your blog through email but the majority of others that I subscribe to come into Google Reader. So I have created a monster by changing. So far, I can not tell any difference in the time to download pictures.

  4. Ah, the power of flowing water. It seems so insubstantial until you see the Grand Canyon.

    Mother Nature shows us so many of her powers, and yet we persist in thinking WE are the masters. We are only her servants.

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