On the Road VII

Like many of you, I have been fortunate to travel to a number of interesting places. While each has had its own special allure, nothing and I mean nothing has ever struck me with such force as the Grand Canyon.


Two billion years in the making, its sheer size is overwhelming.


Looking out at its vastness one cannot help but realize there is a power greater than any man and be grateful for such majesty. Obviously, others have experienced the same emotion.

Grand Canyon

As many pictures as have been taken of the Grand Canyon, no way can a camera lens capture its textures,




and colors. As a weaver, I cannot help but be inspired by all these and think about how they can be interpreted in cloth.

P6010505 - Version 2.jpg

In some places, it is possible to see the Colorado River snaking through the canyon looking tame from such a vantage point. Another day it would be great fun to raft the river, but one has to think ahead as the wait can be as long as three years.

P6010528.jpg P6010511.jpg

The terrain is rocky, and for the most part only the hardiest specimens grow. Occasionally, however, you stumble upon a sweetly blooming plant


or a riot of color. No matter what the elements, all appear to blend perfectly together.

I’m beginning to wonder what took so long to get here!


 Blue Monday

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6 thoughts on “On the Road VII

  1. Awesome! Maybe someday I can see it myself 🙂

  2. I still have no words. “Amazing” barely scratches the surface! Xo…Lins

  3. What beauty~ your photos are gorgeous! I can only imagine how amazing it is to see in person…. I hope to one day!

  4. Beautiful shots!

    My BLUE, please come and see.

  5. What a wonderful gift you’ve given me today! I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but I’ve always dreamed of going.

    Thank you for this post!

    Happy Blue Monday, Lulu!

  6. What magnificent beauty!! I love the verse from Psalms—so appropriate. I’ve never been fortunate to travel there, hopefull soon-our Son lives in Colorado. Maybe on the way there or back.

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