On the Road V

Hot dry wind causing nose bleeds and dehydration and blowing so hard we were rocking all over the place.  Our goal today: explore Highway 60, and we were glad to have the opportunity for a few stops, none of which were on the agenda.  Are you beginning to figure out our carefully planned agenda is changing at every turn?

VLAWe happened upon the Very Large Array (VLA) Center.

radio telescopeIf you saw the movie Contact you will recognize these huge radio telescopes that are spread across this flat, empty land.

radio telescopeAll of us were absolutely fascinated,

IMG_6118and the little girls loved throwing their voices via parabolic transmitters.

Magdalena signFurther down the road, Magdalena had little of interest but this sign gave a sense of just where it is located.

PietownPietown was a different story.  Just as we had hoped it had a place to buy pies,

piesdelicious homemade ones in many flavors.

piemakersNobody could decide what flavor so the piemaker suggested a “piepourri”.  When we got back on the bus, I was sneaking a bite of the peanut butter pie when I was caught and everyone had to join in.

gone! Tonight’s dessert never made it out of the box.  Fortunately, the daughter went back in and bought a just out of the oven pear/ginger pie.  Good thinking!

Next stop was to be the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, but deciding that 40 mph winds blowing sand into our faces was not a good thing, we blew on by (literally) and headed to Holbrook, Arizona, supposedly the night’s stop.  Arriving there, we changed our mind in a hurry.  Another Good Sam Motor Park in a wide open space with sand blowing in every direction held no appeal, especially since none of us had wanted to use the shower at the last Good Sam park.  The son-in-law driver was exhausted, but that park gave him enough motivation to go on down the road to Flagstaff where the RV park was vastly improved.

tini timeTini time and carnitas and we were in a much better mood.  On we go!

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2 thoughts on “On the Road V

  1. I am enjoying your travel journal! Long, long ago, our family did a 3 week trip with a 5th wheel trailer, through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, California, Arizona..& back home to Indiana. You are helping jog my memory of that trip! Have fun but don’t bypass too many planned stops!

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