On the Road IV

With Marfa not having taken as much time as anticipated, we hit the road, once again driving through miles and miles of nothingness until we reached El Paso.  Two days on the road and we’re still not out of Texas….did I mention Texas is BIG!

Though driving  this big ole bus in city traffic is a challenge for the driver, we did beg a stop  to pick up a few things we’d forgotten, like real wine glasses.  Fortunately, we spied a WalMart which we’ve discovered has the only parking lot big enough for a vehicle this size.  Thinking this might be a good opportunity to do my version of WalMart shoppers, I entered with camera in hand!

WalMart shopperPicture taking opportunity wasn’t so good, but we did find all and more of what we needed.

Planned destination this day White Sands, New Mexico, but being ahead of schedule we blew right on by, not stopping until we reached Truth or Consequences.  Anybody know how that name came into being?

Good Sam RV Park, huhn?  What our big bus got us was the choice spot at the park, so we were told.

Good Sam'sWhat that meant was we were parked on the high spot looking down on the other campers

view at Good Sam'sand out on miles of the desolate landscape we had seen all day!

Once settled in, we had to designate a turd tube guy.  If you’ve ever traveled in an RV, you know the job.  Guess who we chose?  Yep, the hubby who seemed to know more about this job than the rest of us.  We promised to make his job as easy as possible in days to come!

the wine

The job completed, we rewarded hubby and son-in-law driver, who has done a great job handling road challenges, with a good bottle of wine and settled down for ribs cooked slow.  We’re beginnning to realize how lucky we are to have brought that since it’s not easy to find places to eat when you’re driving a 40′ RV!

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5 thoughts on “On the Road IV

  1. I am enjoying this adventure, Linda! I relate. I relate. We lived in Alaska and traveled in a motor home during our stay there for four years. Then we made the BIG trip home. I could share some tales. I will also say I have experienced how big Texas is. Made a trip on a chartered bus with a church youth group from Alabama to Colorado once. I thought we would never get out of Texas!

    Looking forward to more of your adventure.

    1. My first big road trip in an RV. So far it’s been real fun if a little crazy!

    2. Then you know both the fun and the challenges. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience and with all the hours on the road, I actually got some work done.

  2. Am following the RV travels with lots of chuckles…and sorry you cannot provide a few videos. To be honest…I am not sharing these with my hubby as he may get ideas about a future adventure for us. And…we know that I am not nearly as good of a sport as Lulu :o)

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