On the Road III

OK, we made it through the night though we did have some giggles over one of the beds which slept like a water bed without the water.

On the road again to the Ft. Davis Drug Store for what is touted to be the best breakfast in west Texas.  

It sure must satisfy the cowboys because the first person we saw was the real thing, complete with gun on his hip.

Then it was Marfa, here we come, and the second of our departures from the plan.  We learned in a hurry that Marfa has its own schedule….maybe places are open, maybe not.  The Chinati and Judd Foundation tours don’t occur until afternoon, and once the family learned that the collections were very modern they didn’t have much interest in hanging around.  Guess the artist daughter and I will just have to return.

Rather than leave Marfa in the dust, however, we had to have a little adventure.

 Since the little girls and I had been to the top of the Empire State Building, it seemed appropriate to climb to the top of the Presidio County courthouse.  Just like in NYC, we got a birdseye view of the town

and what could have been the last picture show.  Impressed?

Marfa may be a hip kind of town these days, regarded as an important art center, but it has all the feel of an updated Old West, at least on the outside.  Exteriors have been carefully restored to original condition, but the interiors are definitely minimalist in keeping with the art exhibited there.

I may not have seen the art that sparked my interest in Marfa, but it was not a total wash.  

There was an exhibit of Andy Warhol interpretations of The Last Supper which were totally new to me.  Are you familiar with these?

My favorite art may have been this car

with its own special message.  

Yeehaw! Let’s move on down the road. 

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2 thoughts on “On the Road III

  1. One of the ways you know the earth is round is to climb to the top of the Presidio Courthouse and look — you’ll see the earth curve.

    They don’t call this the land of the Big Sky for nothing. The stars at night are amazing.

  2. Linda, I have really enjoyed following your trips and can’t wait to follow your “road trip”…Enjoy….kim

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