Sharing the Love

Some months ago I wrote about the privilege of sharing time with a friend undergoing chemo treatment.  Her prognosis was not good, and though that has not changed she clings tenaciously to life, giving herself time to enjoy family and friends, write letters for her young girls and yes, plan her funeral.  One of her requests was for there to be bagpipe music.

At this point in her illness, friends in her small Maine community have rallied round sitting with her day after day, reading to her, talking quietly or just watching over her while she rests.  A few days ago, she commented to one of her friends that she regretted not being able to hear the bagpiper play at her funeral.  I’m sure there was a moment before the reality of that statement sunk in, but then the friend, who just happened to be the one who had arranged for bagpipe music, went into action.

She called the musician and together they planned a parade of friends.  He, of course, would lead with friends  following behind from the top of the hill to her house, everyone waving streamers in celebration of her life.  

Don’t you love that picture?  My only regret is that I could not be there except in spirit to join in.  I love thinking of Liz, her courage and the love she has received from the small town that is her home.  What I have learned from her is grace, courage and dignity, a lesson I hope to use well.

Today I urge you to hug someone you love because as we all know, nothing is forever.

3 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

  1. We lost a dear friend last week from pneumonia. Dad to 7. So I appreciate your words, so true!

  2. What a beautiful picture your words painted today, I can picture the parade and hear the music of the bagpipes in my imagination and know what a wonderful gift this was for your friend. Thank you for sharing!

  3. julie hempleman May 25, 2011 — 4:58 pm

    Hi Linda

    Your post is very powerful.Your friend sounds like a very serene person who has gained acceptance of her condition and inspite of it all is still able to give out to others.

    Tell her that when I heard about her wish to hear the bag pipes I nearly sent a piper over! It’s what Scotland does best. I am so glad she had the opportunity to enjoy them whilst surrounded by her friends.


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