It won’t be long before evenings in Houston are too warm for dinner on the patio, so we must take advantage now of the pleasant ones.

A friend’s tranquil garden invites one to be outside.

The table is set, and every detail speaks of the outdoors.  I should mention that the precious cloth topper was the embroidery work of my friend when she was 13. And here I am still trying to learn!

This friend loves herbs and from the plates we learn what some symbolize.  Did you know?

I love the centerpiece…simple but just right.  The small pots contain pebbles and seaglass.  And do you recognize the green bottles?  She must like them, too!

Napkins with herbs and flowers are held in place by a sweet ladybug.

Salad is on the table.  The wine is poured, so will you excuse me while I enjoy what is sure to be a wonderful meal on the patio?

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12 thoughts on “Evening Delight

  1. Lovely table! Omg, didn’t know the herbs symbolized traits.. I guess I need lots of chamomile.. lots.. Yeah we are taking advantage of the still bearable evenings ourselves. I love the centerpiece.. what a cute carrier! And the green bottles! Great table. Thanks for dropping in with your very kind comments.
    xo marlis

  2. Simple rustic charm at it’s very best!
    Ofter 6 weeks of balmy weather here it turned cool, but there’s hope in the weather forecast yet for warmer days on the way.
    In the meantime I can just dream that it’s me sitting there in a lovely garden eating salad and drinking wine LOL. (oh I wish!)
    ps I have a heap of your older posts to catch up on, will do soonest 🙂

  3. I don’t think I realized you were in Houston! My daughter lives there, and I’m north of there about three hours away. You are too right about our days for enjoying dining al fresco being numbered! Your friend’s table is just delightful — I love the centerpiece and the napkins with the ladybug holders!

  4. What a gorgeous setting for the meal! I love the history attached to the embroidered cloth, and the centerpiece is just perfect for an evening with good friends in the garden!

  5. What an amazing table! I love the herb plates. I love the language of herbs and flowers,too. So romantic. Everything is just lovely, but I particularly love the plates!

  6. What a lovely post- love your pretty photos & love your herb plates! They are darling! Stopping by from CG today~ I host a Friday decorating party if you would like to come join sometime- love this!

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