The Table Fairy

I dubbed him the table fairy, the one in our Foodie Adventure group who stayed up later than the rest of us and surprised us each morning with a lovely tablescape.

In this beautiful villa were many wonderful accessories to work with, and the table fairy managed to find just the right ones.

The table was at first simple , adorned with woven baskets filled with fruit

and little vases of flowers made the salt and pepper tray look not so plain.

Each day, however, became more special as the table fairy really started to show his creative flair .

Pink tulips and candles would do any tablescaper proud

as they add  a touch of elegance to the morning gathering.

My favorite of his creations was this.  I don’t what the wooden piece is, but it was perfect filled with flowers and fruit.

The table fairy centered his creation among pink and purple flowers from the living room, and his effort drew  appreciative response from the breakfast crowd.

Naturally, the women were more than a little impressed with the table fairy’s handiwork, and even the men acknowledged it though they were challenged to figure out what they could contribute in order not to be completely outdone!

Now, I’m wondering if he does this same work at home during late night hours!

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11 thoughts on “The Table Fairy

  1. Lovely rustic table! The flowers are so beautiful!

  2. That villa shot is absolutely stunning! Wish I had been there with you!


  3. That looks like a lovely place to have a Foodie Adventure and to have a very own tablescape fairy. That’s really nice and nice post.

  4. I love the warm, rustic, homey feel of this table-scape. the centerpiece was so ingenious

  5. Hi again, I forgot to answer your question about the fig tree. I don’t really do anything special except to make sure it gets enough sun and especially water during the time the figs are forming. It gets so hot and dry here in the last few summers. An old “granny tip” is that the fig bush should be planted near the house to protect it from the cold, but mine is near a granite outcropping and I guess that’s what keeps it warm. I think it’s too close to the house as it’s huge now and we’re chopping it back again this winter. I guess the best tip is to get a variety that does well in your area. This one is Brown Turkey.
    Thanks for visiting and I hope this answers your question,

  6. Oh that villa! I’m still admiring that handsome long table…the meals it must have seen & stories it could tell! Love the fruit arrangement~

  7. The Table Fairy rocked the house!!! What a beautiful setting all around! I LOVE the length of that dining table and its rough hewn appearance!!!

  8. Love Love Love that table.. and every piece that was on it. Especially the unique piece. Sounds like an absolutely fairy tale of a trip!

  9. Simply elegant & awesome!

    Have a beautiful PINK weekend ~
    TTFN ~

    5 Day GIVEAWAY, pop over

  10. Oh wow, the room is stunning to begin with and I LOVE that table. Every day is a new delight. They are all gorgeous. Hugs inspiration. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

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