Italian Blues

Gondolas being uncovered for the day’s work in Venice

A family’s laundry floating high above the street

Cinque Terre’s coastA working man’s clothes

Twilight’s blue haze

A weathered door

Morning sky

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 Visiting Blue Monday and Outdoor Wednesday

14 thoughts on “Italian Blues

  1. What gorgeous Italian countryside blues! I especially love the weathered door flanked by the potted geraniums!Thanks for your comments, I spent the last 8 years of my retail life merchandising for our merchants & for ads for photos. It was a kick for me to see something sell after moving it or “romancing” it a little. I’m sorry Maine is so far away, I’d love to play with your gorgeous textiles & woven creations 🙂

  2. hello, i am new here, they are so beautiful photos representing ways of life in your area. The first photo is also very colorful and wonderful. The hanging clothes are amusing, i thought it only happens in countries like ours, haha!

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