To Market, to Market

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”

Before anything can happen in the kitchen, the freshest and best veggies, fruits, cheeses and meats have to be gathered. No problem since in Tuscany, one can find a market most any day.

Fresh spring artichokes are a must

20110429-082703.jpg and these eggplants, tomatoes and peppers don’t look too bad either.

No way can we leave these just picked fava beans behind.

Cheeses, there are so many who knows what to buy, but chances are in this part of Tuscany, it will be a pecorino, new or old.

Sausages and ham are an absolute must.

For these and the meat he chooses to prepare, Chef Michael has found a favorite butcher though it means driving 45 minutes three times during the time we will be on this Foodie Adventure.
With ingredients on hand, just you wait to see what we prepare!

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3 thoughts on “To Market, to Market

  1. The vegetables in Italy are just unbelievable aren’t they! They make such fabulous photos too. We went to the famous singing butcher when we were there for our cooking class. Then we made 3 inch thick steaks in the pizza oven – more like a roast! Yum, you are taking me back.

  2. Those ARTICHOKES!! All that freshness & variety… *heavy sigh* 🙂

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to shop!

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