Let the Fun Begin


Here’s how the fun started. Michael Salmon and his wife Mary Jo, owners of the well known and charming Hartstone Inn in Camden,Maine, decided to expand their horizons with a Foodie Adventure in Tuscany that would focus on looking at, preparing and, of course, eating food.

Knowing what an incredible chef Michael is and what fun he and Mary Jo are, it was impossible to resist the temptation to join them and seven other couples for what sounded like a wonderful adventure.
After a beautiful drive through the rolling Tuscan hills, we arrived at the villa. Unimposing from the outside, the interior was a different story, like something from a magazine. What an incredible base for our Tuscany exploits!

Every detail in each room was perfect.

I don’t want to move out of this room with it’s beautiful morning view

and its cozy corner.

But enough about the place. We are here to focus on food. The first night Chef Michael did all the work, preparing a smorgasbord of Tuscan savories to welcome us foodies.

There were sausages and cheese, chicken and bean salads, foccacias with aromatic toppings, roasted veggies and olives and, of course, plenty of local wines.

The tastes of Tuscany…can they be beat?

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9 thoughts on “Let the Fun Begin

  1. Yikes – how cool is this!!! Just saw the cooking school article on Camden’s Hartstone Inn in Traditional Home Magazine! Love your posts! Can’t wait to get back to Maine.

  2. Billie Keirstead April 26, 2011 — 6:26 pm

    Wish I had known about this adventure–I surely would like to be along for the views, the history, the art, and the food.

    1. You’ll have to sign up for the next one they are doing in the fall. It’s wonderful!

  3. This reminds me of a month-long trip to Italy we took with family. We rented villas and drove from north to south. My aunt and cousin, two of the best cooks I know, prepared amazing meals for us. I’ll never forget that trip.

    1. I’m not going to be forgetting this one any time soon either!

  4. What a fantastic villa~ How fun to travel to Tuscany for a foodie adventure! Lots to savor & see for certain. Gorgeous view…heaven!

  5. Now I know where you were headed on that train from Florence…what an adventure. I’m ready to sign up for the next trip after seeing your fabulous photos!

  6. Absolutely great photos, Linda! We’re living through you and your adventures in Italy. Great photo of Mary Jo and Michael!

  7. Ok, I hopped back to the beginning! How gorgeous and the villa is spectacular. Everything looks sooo yummy. You can tell just by looking at them that it is going to be fun. I want to do something like this again and again!

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