On to Florence

Just a quick overnight in Florence, always a special place to visit, but with it being Easter weekend, the crowds were shoulder to shoulder making it difficult to navigate the narrow streets.20110424-100811.jpg
If you’ve been to Florence, you will know that the gold bridge is the street of dreams, at least for women. The shop windows glitter with sparkling gold and jewels, irresistibly tempting, and some are probably lucky enough to walk away with a special treasure.

Away from the crowd I stumbled upon a farmers’ market and, of course, had to check it out. Oh how different from ours in the States. There was some produce, but most of the vendors were selling olive oil or cheese or sausage or wine or freshly baked bread or biscotti. I wanted some of everything.



Though I had to pass on the foodstuffs, I did stop for a gelato. Have you ever seen it piled so high? Almost too pretty to mess up.

Time to move on. Got a train to catch that will get me to the promised foodie adventure.


5 thoughts on “On to Florence

  1. I’m happy to report Linda and Phil’s train arrived; let the Foodie Adventure begin!
    I was surprised to see the tourists on the street weren’t carrying shopping bags. I love the leather goodies in Florence- I always come away with a smile on my face and 2 or 3 things I don’t need.

  2. julie hempleman April 25, 2011 — 6:35 pm

    Hi linda

    Having been to Venice I can imagine how taken you were with all the sights sounds and those wonderful bridges, not to mention the delicious gelato- bellisimo!

  3. Am enjoying the wonderful photos …. and your Italian adventure vicariously! Not a Foodie destination….but will you go to the fashion outlets outside of Florence? Looking forward to finding out where that train is taking you!

  4. Beautiful! I can almost smell the marketplace, brings back wonderful memories!

  5. I spent a semester in Florence, and these pictures bring back such good memories. Hope you had a wonderful trip!
    ps — I found your blog from Linsey’s

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