Italian Adventure


Italy started out to be a Foodie Adventure, and we’ll talk more about that later, but first it was a stop in Venice to reconnect with our very first exchange student who we hadn’t seen in 13 years. What a treat!

Venice is an island of canals

that can be explored by gondola

or water taxis.

Can you imagine living where everything from laundry

to plants

to building supplies

to foodstuffs or whatever else is needed has to be transported by boat?
But such is the charm of Venice and once off the water, how nice it it is to wander the narrow cobbled streets without being threatened by anything with wheels!

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1 thought on “Italian Adventure

  1. Oh, I feel like I am there again! What an adventure! I am soooo glad you posted on my blog so that I didn’t miss this! All of your photos are so gorgeous and inviting and appetizing! Have the greatest time!

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