Browsing Houston IV

Some of you may not know that Houston is the most diverse city in the US. People from all over the world blend in this metropolis, and many ethnic groups have carved out cultural niches. This is particularly true of the Chinese and Vietnamese, and there are several areas in Houston defined by their culture and language.
Chinatown, on the south side of Houston, is the largest such area, and though I knew of its existence I had never been there until recently. Talk about entering another world. Not much was in English either written or spoken.
The first thing that caught my eye was this building, so it had to be checked out.

It is a Buddhist temple from which waft strong incense scents20110419-033414.jpg
and is guarded by ceramic dragons looking down from a red tile roof.

Further down the road I discovered the Hong Kong mall in which everything from wigs to phones to jewelry to clothing to, well, you name it, was sold.

It will come as no surprise that I was drawn to the fabric store which shimmered with beautiful silks printed in brilliant colors and stunning patterns.

And who could resist sampling what was surely authentic cuisine?I’m not sure what this dish was

and the waiter, who was getting a big kick out of my hesitation to take the first bite, was no help.

He said, “Eat and then I’ll tell you what it is.” Now, that really made me feel secure! In case you’re wondering, one ingredient was blood sausage!
Exploring Chinatown was a wonderful adventure, and you know the best part? A $17 haircut and a $35 massage which was pure bliss. You can be sure I’ll return for more of the same! Oh yes, the food market was a whole other adventure, but I’ll save it for later, so do come back.
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6 thoughts on “Browsing Houston IV

  1. Such an interesting wonderful part of town! The restaurants are wonderful for the most part and I can get lost for hours in the grocery stores. I don’t always know what I am looking at but I sure have fun browsing.

  2. “$17 haircut and a $35 massage which was pure bliss”
    That’s why foreigners are so happy with Asian tours because haircut only cost a dollar here up to $10 for high end salons and the massage is only $8/hour on the average! Bliss đŸ™‚

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