Eat Fresh, Eat Local

Eat fresh, eat local has become a mantra when it comes to food in Houston.  That should be easy to do when you consider that, along with Florida and California, Texas has the longest growing season in the country.

Farmers’ markets have sprung up all over the place.  They can be found in parking lots at Rice University, shopping centers and restaurants, around the reflection pool at City Hall, at Discovery Green or in many neighborhoods.

Everything there is fresh and locally grown, meaning it came from somewhere in Texas.  And, of course, it has to be organic.

Fruits (can’t wait to make a pie with fresh dewberries) and vegetables are not all there is.

There is cheese

and olive oil (yep, made in Texas)

and baked goods, which for me means cookies,

and sometimes wine.

Some food is ethnic, ready to take home for dinner.

And not everything you find at the various markets is edible.  There are some clever handmade things like these adorable puppets

and hand embroidered cards.

No matter what is there, the good news is that the markets are getting people out, making them think about what they eat.  The only thing that is a bit troublesome is that the prices are steep which means that  these fresh and local products are not accessible to all, and that makes you wonder how we can do a better job positively impacting the eating habits of a obese country.

What are your thoughts about the way we eat?

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19 thoughts on “Eat Fresh, Eat Local

  1. Everything looks so beautiful! It really is so inspiring to visit an open market like this. I don’t have access to one on a regular basis, but I love when our sells fresh tomatoes, corn on the cob, okra, etc. Markets like the one you visit offer so many learning opportunities. I also learn about some new to me food when I visit one. Thank you for sharing this for Favorite Things. laurie

  2. We’ve got several markets springing up here in Lubbock too. Nothing beats the fresh produce. Tomatoes so fresh you can bite into them and a flavor explosion happens in your mouth! Thanks for the reminder to buy local, eat well and stay healthy!

    1. Farmers grown tomatoes are one of the real joys of the market. Here, there aren’t too many in, but I can wait! I’m always so glad you stop by.

  3. Our local green market is open three days a week year round. Of course, some things come from the big wholesale market at the port, but there’s tons of local and organic things to choose from. I simply love it and cringe when I go to the supermarket. Most of the time the prices are comparable, though naturally a bit higher for the organic produce. Regardless, we try really hard to by local and seasonal. White asparagus is just in – we’ve had it steamed, in salad and in risotto already this week.
    So are you coming by Bremen on your way to or from Italy?

    1. Boy, I wish Germany were a possibility this time around. I would absolutely love to see you. We must make it happen.

  4. I’m always amazed when I meet people who aren’t fond of fruits and vegetables. They are so beautiful and colorful and tasty. Maybe Sesame Street should update Cookie Monster. “Um num num. Me like cauliflower.”

    1. And maybe you should take that on as a cause!

  5. I love the Rice market !!!!

    1. Since that is the one closest to me, so do I!

  6. I can’t wait to have local produce, but that is a few months away! Nothing like fresh and local!
    I thought of you last night. I was watching the Food channel and there was a show on about Brennan’s for Easter Brunch. I couldn’t imagine eating some of those foods though! Turtle soup????

    1. Turtle soup is one of Brennan’s specialties and is quite good. Brunch there is such a treat though it is hard to walk out after so many good things to eat.

  7. Happier Than A Pig in Mud April 17, 2011 — 6:05 am

    Love local markets! Those beets look really good, would love to have some for dinner:@)

    1. The beets are being roasted for a salad.

  8. We have a tiny local farmer’s market here at the lake that I enjoy picking up fresh produce and flowers from. It doesn’t get into full gear until about May since we don’t have the growing season of Tx…we always enjoying stopping in on Saturdays though 🙂

  9. I wish I had a market like this I could wander out to everyday Linda. A great way to form a relationship with fresh food. Love your photos and the tour you have taken us on. Look forward to the same in Maine 🙂

    Best wishes Linda 🙂

    Jeanne xxx

    1. While the concept of fresh food is just catching on here, it is a way of life in Maine. Sad that the growing season is not longer there.

  10. Hi Linda

    I love your pictures! It is the same in England local products are taking centre stage and people are moving away from big stores as often the food is cheap but tasteless.You are right though the food is quite expensive and not always so readily available.Just wandering around these markets however with their wonderful colours and sampling the different tastes is amazing.

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