On to San Antonio

The Texas Hill Country is a short drive from San Antonio, best known for the Alamo and the River Walk.  Since those sites were familiar, we explored an area new to us, the old Pearl Brewery which is now home to a farmers’ market, restaurants and the Culinary Institute of America.

The farmer’s market was crowded with shoppers.

As good as all the fresh produce is, I must confess that here was my favorite thing.  The Mexican chocolate toffee was beyond good!

To keep the crowd entertained, a band was playing all those songs we love to hear

which made some people feel like dancing.

San Antonio has  an hispanic heritage, especially evident in the food.  

This restaurant prides itself on serving dishes reflective of what you would find on the streets of Mexico, nothing fancy, just good.

Tienda de Cocina is filled with cookware, dishes and foodstuffs for authentic Spanish influence at home preparation.

A few steps away from the market activity is the Culinary Institue of America where students are being trained to become the next top chef!  As part of their training, they prepare food for and run a bakery and an Italian restaurant where the taste tempting treats are tantalizing.

How do you like this chandelier made from frying pans!

As the Hill Country and San Antonio indicate, Texas is a good place to explore.  Come on down!

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13 thoughts on “On to San Antonio

  1. Love the chandelier made from frying pans!

  2. I am going to our Farmer’s Market this Saturday the Lord willing..your pictures look so fun. Makes me want to come to Texas…bad:)

    1. And Linsey and I would enjoy having you in Texas!

  3. There’s nothing like a farmer’s market.

  4. Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. Spending time traveling with my family is something that truly makes me happy in life. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

    Check out these Vacation and Travel Tips

  5. Farmer’s market, cookware for sale, Mexican food, this likes the perfect day out to me!
    Yes, I AM adding San Antonio to my long travel list, and yes it’s all because of you my friend 🙂

  6. I love the chandelier and the dancing couples! 🙂

  7. They say alcoholics remember their first drink. I remember my first jalapeno. I was scared of them until I was 17. I had to eat one sooner or later, so I went to a Night in Old San Antonio during Fiesta. I was a warm spring night and I had my first ever plain cheese nacho.

    It was fiery, so I had another to put out the fire of the first. And then a third.

    I’ve never looked back.

  8. Being a South Louisiana gal, imported to TX via kidnapping 😉 and marriage to my husband of 20 yrs … you have given me a new perspective on TX … thank you. There may be hope yet!! 🙂

    1. There’s much to explore in this big ole state and some pretty good crawfish, too!

  9. Oh this looks like lots of fun! LOVE the chandelier! I never got around to visit San Antonio when my family was in Houston. I always wanted to do the River Walk.

    Thanks for your sweet comment! I use Picasa for my collages and photo editing. I’m a little intimidated to try Photoshop 🙂

  10. That frying pan chandelier is slick!!!! I would LOVE to have one of those in my kitchen! What fun! I’ve never been to San Antonio, but I hear there is lots of fun stuff there to see and do. It would be neat to visit La Tienda de Cocina just to shop around, and then I could get refreshed at La Gloria. I like Mexican food that is fresh and autentico. Here on “the west side” of Kansas City, MO is where there is a large concentration of Latinos, and the food at many of the restaurants there is authentic and so delicious! A single margarita at Ponak’s will flatten you out for a couple of days! 🙂

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