Browsing Houston III

The Heights is Houston’s oldest organized neighborhood.  Over time, as many of the houses became rental property, the area deteriorated, but in the last few years it has undergone a rebirth becoming a very eclectic and hip neighborhood.

New homes built in the traditional craftsman or Victorian style associated with the Heights are springing up on every street, young families and empty nesters are moving in, restaurants and shops are locating there, residents enjoy camaraderie with neighbors.

There is much to see and do in the Heights, and the place to start is West 19th Street where you can actually spend the better part of a day.  Here you will find


and antiques,


and bakeries,

home goods

and accessories of all kinds.

When you’re tired of walking and overwhelmed by all there is to see, you can stop at Shade for the best ever coconut cream tart.  It’s so good I had to take a bite before snapping the picture!

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10 thoughts on “Browsing Houston III

  1. this is Holly’s n’hood, isn’t it?? i love the style…it IS so similar to much of intown Atlanta!

    next time i see you, we’ll make a coconut cream pie–i made 9 pies for the restaurant last weekend, and they sold out by 7pm on saturday 🙂

  2. Coconut isn’t my favourite flavour but I see they have a selection of other things that would more than keep me happy LOL
    Arty, Crafty, antiques *and* eateries? definitely a place where I would LOVE to hang out 🙂

  3. I love a good tour Linda! You have done well here. I was last in Houston about 20 years ago and I remember it being all concrete and had no desire to return. You have changed my mind! I am off to see Part I.

    Jeanne xx

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