Laughter in Unexpected Places

I love getting my toes done.

It’s a time when I think about nothing and am doing nothing for anybody but me. It’s when I read the gossip magazines and realize how much I don’t know about what is going on in today’s celebrity world.

Well, today it wasn’t the celeb news that got my attention. It was an ad for Zappo’s.  Here’s the text:


Time for sundresses.

And shaving your legs.


I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing.  Heads turned wondering what was so funny.  It was the Again that got me. Now, maybe you don’t see the humor, but if you’re like me and leave your unshaved legs hiding beneath pants most of the time between mid October and April, you’ll get it.  Maybe you’ll even chuckle or laugh out loud and if anyone’s near, they just might want in on the joke.

Don’t you  love it when something tickles your funny bone?  And yes, reminds you to put a new blade in the razor!

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19 thoughts on “Laughter in Unexpected Places

  1. Billie Keirstead March 5, 2011 — 10:48 am

    That’s some fancy, avant garde paint job on your toes!

    1. My toes have gotten to be my signature. No way can I do one color!

    2. Those toes are a “Hoot”! Why don’t you bring them to the hill country this spring to see the wildflowers!!!!

  2. I laughed at the again too! I have been known to let them grow so long that I could feel a breeze as I walked down the hall! That should make you laugh. I love getting my toes done too, it is that little bit of me time. I often go with a girlfriend! Fun and I can’t wait for Spring!

    1. A breeze? My goodness, girl, you’ve got some work to do when you start wearing sundresses! Yep, I chuckled.

  3. I’ll bet your beautician looks forward to your appointments! What colorS will she choose this time? Very fun.

    Something that made me laugh recently; Grandma had an old saying,”we are going to hell in a hand basket”. I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Where am I going and why am I in this hand basket”?

    1. Bumper stickers are sometimes the best for a chuckle. I always want to photo funny ones, but the car is generally moving.

  4. Hey, Linda! This message comes to you from Dallas where we are spending the month of March. I love the toe nail polish.

    1. Will hubby make it the whole month?

      1. No, he is coming back to Maine on March 18th!

  5. The razor blades are the least of it!! I have white, pastey legs that age has made to look like a road map with many blue highways, so I even have to get into leg makeup and the likes. Makes we yearn for the days of panty hose again!
    Speaking of bumper stickers, I recently saw one with the breast cancer pink ribbons that said, “Save the ta-tas” Unfortunately, since the incomprehendible daycare fire, that term rings of other thoughts.

    1. Maybe we should just stick with pants!

  6. Totally get it! I don’t get pedicures but do my own. That, too, only happens when I have to unearth the sandals & capris!

  7. Thank you for making me smile with your 2-color toes!
    You rock! 🙂

  8. Thanks for stopping by — my sweet boy is a Shih Tzu mix — he doesn’t have the face of a Shih Tzu — but he does have the sweetness.

  9. Oh Yes! I saw the humor in it immediately, and I also felt shame at the thought of my legs that have been hidden for months! Your painted toenails made me ashamed of my toenails too (which have also been hidden for mmonths). Fun post! Thank you for linking it to Favorite Things. I’ve got to go shave my legs now! laurie

  10. What a fun polish job! I just got a long overdue one last week, but my toes SERIOUSLY

    1. Sorry, my fingers got in the way commenting on your toes 🙂 I was going to say my toes are seriously jealous & boring by comparison! What a funny Zappos ad too!

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