Too Late!

What struck me about this year’s Academy Awards was not who won or which movie got what award or even how boring it was.  No, what sticks in my mind are the gals, glamorous in their prettier than ever designer gowns.  That’s to be expected, but what got me is how close to the same size they all were.  Even Jennifer Hudson looked like a size 4!  

It was as if someone made a mold  with a teensy waist, not too large breasts, skinny shoulders and poured everyone into it.   Natalie Portman was the lone exception, but she has a good excuse for having put on a little weight.

Looking at these ultra thin beautiful women made me wonder if these days good parts are available only to those actresses who are thin, very, very thin.  If that’s the case, it’s a real good thing I have no Hollywood aspirations. My body would never fit into one of those oh-so-tight gowns that accent every curve.  In fact, it might  take two of those to make my dress, and I want no curves, just lines falling straight from the shoulder.  While I’m thinking about how my dress should look, I’ll munch on another almond toffee bar and wonder if skinny is really better.  It just may be too late for me to find out!

Photos from Style Bistro

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9 thoughts on “Too Late!

  1. I didn’t watch. Based on the reviews I heard, I’m glad. It sounds like there were tons of cringe-worthy moments. My friend Rich of Celluloid Zombie wrote a great post about why he can’t be bothered with the Oscars. He includes a fashion section. 😉

    Pass the almond toffee, please.

    1. Wish you’d been here tonight, Margaret. Almond toffee was dessert and 4 of us about wiped a huge container of it out. So good!

  2. Billie Keirstead March 2, 2011 — 5:13 pm

    I am NOT overweight, just under-tall. Fun-sized!

    1. Good way to look at it, Billie. Hope that will work for me.

  3. julie hempleman March 2, 2011 — 4:50 pm

    Hi Linda

    I think you need a huge amount of self control to be so thin.I watched a programme today where a girl is so obsessed by her looks it takes her two hours just to do her make up in the morning. She is £30,000 in debt through cosmetic surgery she was just 28!

    I made two batches of rice crispy squares and thought life is too short.


    1. If self control is what it takes, that explains why I am not so thin!

  4. Did you hear about Joan Collins? She wore a dress so tight that it landed her in the hospital. I wonder how many of them can really breathe in those numbers!

    1. Oh, you’re supposed to be able to breathe?

      1. LOL to not breathing! 🙂

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