A Table Full of Fun

“Entertaining is not about perfection; it is about connection.”

Don’t you love going to a friend’s house for dinner and finding a table that shows a little extra thought for the guests and on top of that is just plain fun?

Such was the case at this particular dinner where the table theme reflected the weekend’s National Toboggan Championships.

I love the tablecloth, a flannel snowman patterned sheet.  Darn, I wish I had a better picture!

The table was set simply with white dinnerware, and each place had little happys, a chocolate snowman and a box of candy hearts since it was also Valentine’s weekend.

Especially thoughtful and practical were the handwarmers for each guest.  They would come in handy at the next day’s races.

Tulips and candles added a bit of romance to the table,

and look at the sideboard where snowshoes complement the table theme.

I have to show you the winter cake which was just as good as it looks. It was from one of the hostesses favorite places, Caroline’s Cakes in Annapolis, Maryland.  Now, that’s what I call doing the little something extra that builds connection.

Thursday Tablescapes will have lots of other creative tables.

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14 thoughts on “A Table Full of Fun

  1. I love simple things and your table suits me to a T! I really love the cake!

  2. Looks really fun. Imagine sitting there & have a chat with you & that cake looks absolutely appetising.

    Happy TS to you Lady & have a great w/end ahead.

  3. Great table, fabulous cake!
    I just wish I had a bigger house to keep all the bits that “theme” everything … the tablecloths, snowshoes etc.
    I also like the heart patterned serviettes btw.. lovely touch!

  4. Love the tablecloth! That cake looks so yummy!!! I love the handwarmers, those will be appreciated I’m sure!

  5. Wow! There was some terrific thought put into the table setting! Love the touches. I’m having people over for lunch tomorrow – putting thought into that now!
    Hope you have a great day,

  6. This made a practical and fun table set – Love the hand warmers.
    Looking over some of your other posts, I enjoyed the toboggan pictures. Seroius sledding. Here in the south we drag out garbage can lids, plastic trays, and even a few sleds to make the most of whatever we get. The toboggan would be a whole new adventure. Were you participating or observing?

  7. That cake looks great and I love how thoughtful your hostess was. Beautiful.

  8. Fun and cool table setting! and the sideboard too! 🙂

  9. That is such a sweet table! I don’t ever do anything like this…maybe it would be a nice suprise??:)
    We always did it for the kids when I owned a preschool but how fun to do it for your family once in awhile.
    Cake is adorable!

  10. Cute table…the tulips, gorgeous…the cake, beautiful!

  11. Gasp. I need that cake. How far is Maryland? 😉
    Tulips make me smile.

  12. Now in AZ,I love seeing (again) the fun tablescape from Tobbagan Fest. Our hostess certainly outdid herself in the details…and creativity. Hmm…think the cake source was Caroline’s Cakes of Annapolis, MD. They ship everywhere!

  13. I really like the addition of the blue cloth and touches to the traditional red and white that we normally see for Valentines. Thank you for sharing your friend’s charming design. Cherry Kay

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