As Good As It Gets

This is it….today’s tablescape, a paper napkin with plastic utensils carelessly thrown on the table.

You’ve been there, an airport cafe where presentation is not the priority, but when you are hungry, you settle. At least here there were tables and a wait person who smiled and took my order.  So far, not so bad, however, when my turkey club sandwich came it matched the table setting.

Cold.  The only difference between it and one out of the cold case? Some crispy lukewarm fries.  Oh well, I was hungry, it did fill the emptiness in my tummy and next time I’ll know to return to Legal Seafood for the usual cup of chowder.

There were a couple of saving graces to the time spent between planes.

Flowers in the ladies room.  When was the last time you saw that, real ones?  If you say never, that was my answer, too, but that is no longer true.

And on the long walk from one terminal to another were  lovely reproductions of an ancient antique scroll entitled Women Preparing Newly Woven Silk. Naturally, anything having to do with weaving caught my eye.

Despite the lackluster dining experience and a long day of travel, the day was not lost.  I arrived safely and on time.  That in itself is something to be grateful for.

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9 thoughts on “As Good As It Gets

  1. Entertaining Women February 12, 2011 — 9:35 pm

    IT’s been a while wince I’ve chosen to travel by plane. You just reminded me of one of the reasons. LOL. Thanks for sharing the slice of reality and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  2. I’ve had some pretty bad airport food too, having it arrive almost cold is my pet hate as well and even worse when you have to wait so long that you think ” well at least it’s taking so long because they are heating it up”
    (WRONG!) No normal eatery would get away with it but in an airport you are just passing though and a) they don’t care and b) you are hostage to eating on the premises if you are in transit. Singapore upholds some sharp standards and if customers wrack up complaints a business can be closed down, so by far it’s definitely the best airport food around of all the airports I’ve ever been in. I wish more airports around the world operated the same policy.
    The weaving and the fresh flowers DO make up for the food disappointment though… you are right I’ve never seen fresh flowers in an airport rest room, impressive!

  3. I used to be a road warrior and always planned for dinner in dallas, lunch in chicago, but at the mention of Legal Seafood… well my mouth watered and I want to buy a ticket to fly!!! Glad you are back home. There’s no place like home!

  4. Linda, you are hilarious! I have sometimes thought of posting a real table from a diner where they kind of throw the utensils down or drop them off as they walk by–oh well, when we are hungry we put up with it! Glad you had a good trip and arrived safe and sound! Linda

    1. You know, not all tables are gorgeous. Can you imagine doing fancy every day though I do stop short of plastic.

  5. Airports make me crazy! They are happy to charge twice as much for the crappy food they serve, the service is frequently far less than friendly and the bathrooms scare me! The next time you’re laying over in ORD – Chicago and you’re hungry there is a fantastic Mexican restaurant in the American terminal. So good that when I have a choice of where to layover I choose Chicago… if my flight is delayed or canceled I have the opportunity to enjoy 2 meals. Happy Valentines Day!

    1. You’ll have to layover in Houston sometime and try the fare at Pappacita’s.

  6. That’s nice! And airport food much better than them running out like they did here in the last storm. Those poor people were there for days!
    Safe travels!

    1. Can’t imagine how awful that would have been.

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