Stylish Blogger?

I love her name, Zahara.  She is a friend I’ve never met but have gotten to know through her blog in which she talks about life and adventure in northern California.  I admire her because in middle age she has gone back to school studying to become a nurse.  So, why am I telling you about Zahara?

Because she named Lulu’s Musings as a nominee for the stylish blogger award.

Now, I’m not sure exactly what that means because when I’m sitting at my computer musing, I’m definitely not stylish.  Most of the time I’m in my PJs and haven’t combed my hair, washed my face or brushed my teeth!  As recipient of this nomination, I am to tell you seven things about me.  Hmmm, I’m not sure there are that many things you need to know, but here goes.

I play Angry Birds on my iPad and iPhone.  To justify it, I play Words with Friends which uses a slightly higher level of intelligence.  If any of you want to create a game, my name is lindal.

Put a plate of chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies in front of me, and I can’t eat just one.

I like to put the top down on my car and sing out loud.  Dancing Queen and Bye Bye Miss American Pie are two of my favorite tunes.

I love color.

I am living a dream by being in Maine part of each year.

I enjoy spending real time with real people.

I am lucky to have a family I adore, and that includes my mother who is with us but not with us.  Many of you will know what that means.

In return for being nominated a stylish blogger, I will name some of my favorites.  These are not the better known blogs with huge followings but an introduction to sites written by ordinary people, each of whom has something different to offer.

llhdesigns, a well crafted blog  written from the heart by my beautiful daughter

bended spoon, clever and witty and thoughtful…..well, see for yourself

kiwidutch, a look at places I’ve not been through the eyes of a very observant person

There is a world of talented bloggers out there who I could recommend, but you might enjoy finding ones who you enjoy.

i love your comments, so jump right in and share yours

13 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger?

  1. Hello, Linda! The Stylish Blogger Award gives us a deeper peek into the personalities of our favorite bloggers, and new blogger friends. I can just picture you cruising along with the top down, singing your heart out! What a great image.
    A line of pajama inspired “blog-wear” could be the next big fashion trend.

  2. You are very artistic & stylish from your dishes on your table & art that I have seen…I even bet your PJs are a lovely design & pattern! Love of color and lack of will power around chocolate chip cookies are two things we have in common 🙂

    1. You wouldn’t even want to see my PJs!

  3. Let us know how we can vote for you. BTW, I think she is referring to ur blog’s content although the blogger is pretty savvy!

  4. I suffer from the same problem…can’t stop with one cookie! I am also a pj wearing woman…they are most comfy and you do have a beautiful heart for a daughter:)
    You live in Maine? I would LOVE to see pictures…I’ve always wanted to visit there

  5. Wow I’m humbled that a true stylish even think of me as stylish!

    If the award is StyleLess I could have not wondered why. lol. Hmmm could it be because I have a Martha Stewart pumpkin pie plate which I got for only $1.82 and originally cost at $19.99? It’s in here

    Thank you Linda! Your graciousness Linda made me a sooo happy spoon today — that you even thought about me! Have a great stylish day, as usual!

  6. You’ve always been stylish in your very own unique way, Mom!

  7. For those of you who do not know Linda…she is just as stylish in person as she is on her blog. Best of all…she is lovely and kind.

  8. Thanks for sharing some favorite blogs. I enjoyed reading them and enjoyed learning seven things about you.

    I enjoy following your blog through email. Sometimes I get behind reading those I follow in my google reader.

    We share several things in common but the most important is beautiful and talented daughters.

    1. Aren’t we lucky? If I had sons, I’m sure they would be just as special.

  9. Linda, congratulations on the award and I am so happy to see that we follow similar paths. I am often in the same state in front of the computer in the morning. Time has a way of slipping by doesn’t it 🙂

    Chocolate chip cookies…I can smell them on the other side of town!

    I know that feeling about driving with the top down and music blaring…riding like the wind…

    I am going to have to check out these iphone apps you mentioned and yes to colour and family…may our lives be filled with them both for the rest of our years!!

    Best wishes Linda

    Jeanne xx

    1. If my arms could reach across the sea, I would give you a great big hug!

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