How Cute is This?

No matter what your function, here’s an idea from a recent book club lunch that will make your meal a smashing success.

Cute little boxes (these are from Michael’s)  tied with a bow

are set at each place.  Already everyone is smiling looking forward to what’s inside because the presentation is so cute.

The vittles are surrounded by colorful tissue which make the contents even more of a mystery.

Cupcakes just might have smushed inside the box, so they make the perfect centerpiece to say nothing about being a tempting dessert.  I’ll eat everything in the box to get one of these beauties.  The hard part is deciding which one to choose.

All in all a most simple idea that is clever and adds a dose of fun to lunch.

Take a peak at Tablescape Thursday for other ideas.

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33 thoughts on “How Cute is This?

  1. What a fun idea. I had to laugh at some of the comments and that you answered them all. I do have a couple of cupcake towers and use them often.I am going to be a follower.

    1. Thank you, Vernice. Getting a good chuckle out of things makes this all the more fun.

  2. The box itself is already a treat! Love it and the cupcake holder — got to hunt for that. Thank you once again Linda for sharing table beauties!

    1. This could be a fun idea for you to use at a birthday party for kiddos.

  3. Box lunches have come a long way indeed! Darling idea. Thank you for sharing your design. Cherry Kay

  4. This is such a cute idea! I just love the whole idea – so full of fun and color! Linda, I wanted to thank you for your kind messages over the last few weeks. I really appreciated them.

  5. I found you over at Zahara’s place. I’ve been christened the queen of the tea in her latest post. So, obviously, I loved your post. My tea making is pretty much a solo activity, a calming ritual in the middle of the day to soothe the Muse so she sticks around a bit longer.

    I love this idea with the boxes. I see them all the time at Michael’s and I’m always drawn to them. The cupcake centerpieces are gorgeous, too. You have me thinking about hosting a tea for more than just me. 😉

    1. Thanks to Zahara for introducing us. I can’t wait to read more of your witty, entertaining blog.

  6. Hi Linda…this is a great idea and has so many applications. I have six 11 year old boys spending the night tomorrow night for my sons birthday party. What a great idea to present their treats in a box. They will be over the moon!

    I love clever ideas and this is perfect!
    Thanks so much for your note on my Midlife Wisdom post. It is so nice when we meet people who have travelled similar paths. I feel we have too 🙂

    Jeanne xx

  7. Cute idea! I had to giggle at the person who asked what “vittles” were — she obviously is too young to have ever watched The Beverly Hillbillies!

  8. I am SO glad that I wasn’t not the only one to log on to ask “What was in the box please?” (the suspense was killing me LOL)
    .. and then to find out that the answer was LUNCH!
    What a brilliant idea THAT is!
    I’m going to save and steal this idea for future use for sure! …Kiwi Daughters 10th Birthday Party springs to mind, if not before!
    Of course finding suitable boxes here might take some doing… (but that”s what google is for, right?)

  9. ooh so love this idea. it’s absolutely charming. I think in Japan they are bento boxes for their lunches and such. I love the colorful boxes you used and the cupcakes for a center piece.. Can I come too?? LOL

  10. Vittles are SO much more tasty presented in an adorable box~ How fun! They would certainly break up the work day monotony too, if delivered that way to an office. The cupcake tower too is a great centerpiece. I’ve seen some recently at Target 🙂

    1. Thanks for letting us know about cupcake towers at Target. Love that store!

  11. I love the colorful, happy table, particularly the boxes and cupcake tree. The Mothership (i.e. T.J.MAXX) was displaying cupcake trees and stands this week. My cupcakes never looked so good.

    1. Pass the mothership info on to Cathy!

  12. That is a very cute idea!!
    May just have to try that sometime.
    Blessings, Nellie
    and the cupcakes sure look wonderful!!

  13. Those boxes are so cute and they would make lunch even more exciting! Cupcakes look yummy too! Linda

  14. That is definitely table designed to make you smile! Loved seeing this! I will have to be sure and check out those boxes. SO cute, and i love your cupcake tower.

    Happy Tablescape Thurs!


    Sheila 🙂

  15. What a cute table. I’ve done the box lunch before for a luncheon (sure made clean up easy). Love the pretty cupcakes on the mirrored runner as a centerpiece. and what pretty boxes. laurie

    1. Easy cleanup throws in a whole new reason for a box lunch.

  16. Happier Than A Pig in Mud February 2, 2011 — 8:19 pm

    How fun to find a present at each setting-very exciting:@)

  17. This is adorable! Love the boxes!

    I know what vittles are!!


  18. How cute? VERY cute! (I, too, want to know what’s in the box!)

  19. 1. What was in the box?
    2. What in the world are vittles?!?!
    3. Did your power roll off and on all day? Made for some tricky blogging over here!


    1. Inside the box a sandwich, fruit salad, chips. Vittles, dearie, is food.

  20. How fun, I love the boxes – a surprise for everyone!

  21. I too want to know what was for lunch in the box? Love the idea! Think it would be terrific for a shower. Guess I better get a cupcake holder too. Any suggestions where to order that?

    1. A plate holder would work or any kind of wire/mesh tower.

  22. okay, so what’s in the box? Great idea! But I need help…do ya think I could use this idea for a bridal shower for 36 peeps? Put the boxes on the table, let everyone grab one, then come back for cupcakes?

    1. I think this would be an adorable idea for a shower, and I can assure you everyone would love it. Yes, on coming back for cupcakes, but if you have more than one table, put cupcakes as centerpiece on each.

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