Heavenly, er Havenly, Indulgence

Over the next few weeks, we have five birthdays in our family.  If they are anything like yesterday’s, we will be super saturated with sugar, not altogether a bad thing if the goodies are as yummy as they were last night.  We celebrated daughter #1’s birthday at one of our favorite Houston restaurants, Haven which features a tempting menu of dishes made with fresh local ingredients. For dessert, the birthday girl had a gluten free concoction created especially for her by Haven’s chef/owner Randy Evans, one of the nicest guys around.  But, it doesn’t end there.  Randy had one of everything on the dessert menu delivered to our table!  That means nine desserts for six people, and I’m embarrassed to tell you there wasn’t much left after they had been passed around again and again and again.  Anyone observing us must have thought we were total gluttons, and they just might have been  right!

The favorite?  Well, maybe the carrot cake.  No, the goat cheese cheesecake or  the divine chocolate ice box pie which disappeared quickly.  The apple tart and the buttermilk/goat cheese pie, both served with homemade ice cream, were reminders of what Grandmas would make.  Oh, and let’s not forget the Coke float which had us all chuckling over some long forgotten memory.  Just thinking about how good each bite was, I am on a sugar high!

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7 thoughts on “Heavenly, er Havenly, Indulgence

  1. Isn’t Haven (and Randy) the best?!?! I’ve often joked about wanting every dessert on the menu, but never have I actually indulged! Over the top! The wine was amazing, too

    Glad you were there to celebrate with me! Xo!

  2. Can I ask please: s a “coke float” what I might know as a “spider”? (icecream in the bottom of a glass, add lemonade (flavoured or not) or cola and it all fizzes up into a frothy drink?
    Those desserts look amazing btw!

    1. You’re on track, and as the name suggests, it has to be made with Coke to be a Coke float.

  3. My teeth hurt just looking at it all….Happy Birthday everybody!

  4. I’m having a sugar rush right now. Great table.

  5. Looks good! We have a lot of bdays coming up too. Sunday was the start , next Sat another, and on and on!

  6. I want! I want! I want! 🙂

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