Eat More Pie!

Did you know today is National Pie Day?  Me either until hearing it on NPR in an interview with Beth Howard who is evidently very well known in the world of pies.  She views pie as a tool for healing, for building relationships and making the world a better place.  I never thought about pie in quite those terms, and her comments were enough to make me look at her website The World Needs More Pie. There’s quite a story there as she has made pie baking a meaningful and serious vocation.    Beth’s skills are not limited to the kitchen.  Her profile describes her  as a pie baker, writer, TV producer and host.  She has a docu-reality series called The American Pie in which she finds and interviews fellow pie bakers and pie lovers.    Now, that’s what I call a sweet creation.

In addition to all else, Beth is also a blogger, and like many of us, she writes about people and places that are interesting to her, and, yes, there are bits about pie.  I wonder which came first, the blog or the pies.  Maybe she will tell us!

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking about making a pie, probably a coconut cream.  Want to join me in a slice this Sunday afternoon?

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16 thoughts on “Eat More Pie!

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m happy that you enjoyd my fairie. And I agree that they bring magic around us.
    I hope you visit me again.
    Greetings from Belgium,

  2. I will take a slice to go with my coffee please! 🙂

  3. ummmm…Coconut is one of my favorite pies. Well, really, when you get right down to it…I can’t even THINK of a pie that I don’t like. OMGosh…I do love PIE.
    Let me go see if I have some coconut…:))

  4. what a yummy yummy site you it..i wanna taste it…hahaha,
    Thanks for your sweet words at my blog..shoo shweeet…

  5. I wish I could attend a National Pie Day celebration — oh so fun to taste different pies! There’s not much in here but some establishments sell really great Buko Pie(young coconut)!

    Thanks for the invitation — so sweet of you!

  6. National Pie Day! Have fun celebrating….Coconut Cream is my guy’s favorite.

  7. Pies do conjur up such warm and caring thoughts.

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  8. Hi Linda, I’ve been watching all the goodies on Jojo’s pie post today, but I didn’t know about the pie lady, Beth Howard! Her website is interesting and she apparently owns the Grant Wood american gothic house! Thanks for the links! Linda

  9. love pie! But I made a blueberry gateau and then choc chip cookies today, so I must stop now!

    1. Hey, I’m ready to come to your house!

  10. I’m so glad you stopped by and left a comment. It was the first time I’d tried such a combination to make a banana cream pie but you are so right – the chocolate sauce adds just a little touch of heaven!

    I didn’t hear the NPR broadcast so I’m heading over to catch up on it.

  11. Linda, Do you know that they celebrate pie day in Rockland each year? All the inns, b&bs and local eating establishments make sweet and savory pies, people tour all afternoon tasting each one. There is a flat fee for this and the money goes to charity. Stay warm…it’s VERY cold here . Tonight it will be 15 below. Yipes.

    1. Just one more thing I didn’t know about the area. Are you tasting? I’ll be around in February….save some snow.

      1. Not tasting….tasted too much during Christmas….it really shows!

  12. If you make one, join in Jo Jo’s Pie Party. Info on side of my blog. I don’t listen to npr anymore, since the JW shake up.
    Off to check out her blog…I love pie!

    1. Thanks. Don’t have the coconut made yet so linked with a yummy lemon pie.

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