All is White

Coming down out of the sky

we found ourselves in a sea of white

which was nothing short of sheer delight.

Eyes twinkling, sparkling, all aglow

with thoughts of all we’ll do in the snow.

There’s sledding

and skiing at the Camden Snow Bowl

and building a snowman with a merry old soul.

For a whole week we’ll have such fun;

then we’ll return to Houston to be warmed by the sun.

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13 thoughts on “All is White

  1. I love your little poem! Beautiful landscape and lots of fun for everyone.


  2. Our big dump of snow is finally melting but there are predictions of more on the way… not quite sure how soon though. Dutch skaters are adoring the below zero temperatures of late, everyone else is inside and staying warm. Kids in our street have been helping clear the car of snow as they fill up on snowball ammunition.
    I’m enjoying the view from the window, that’s about as close to snow as I like to get now that skiing is no longer and option LOL

  3. I’m laughing at these pics because they are so old! The girls are so little and I’m still wearing that old ski suit of Aunt Judy’s! Sorry to blow your cover, but you need to get out in the snow for some current pics!

  4. Love your hat Linda, you look as cute
    as the kids.

  5. Great pictures, what fun. Is that the coast of Maine in the first picture? Throw a snowball for me.

    1. Yep, the coast of Maine coming into Rockland as seen from the plane. Luckily, we got in ahead of the storm that has shut down the east coast.

  6. It doesn’t look like you got as much as we did, I see grass in that snowman pic! Lots here, and so much drifting…roads are dangerous and the LIRR is closed down. NO MAIL delivery! So much for their slogan!
    But supposed to warm up by the weekend. I feel sorry for those stuck in the airports, a nightmare.
    But you enjoy, and then leave! We are stuck here for the rest of the winter, LOL!

  7. Welcome to HEAVEN, Linda! I wondered if you were returning to the north – and having fun playing in the snow.

  8. Beautiful family awesome snow! Merry Christmas and a blessed new year

    1. How good to hear from you. Hope you got all your holiday prep done in the short time after gettting hom and that you are enjoying time with your family. Hugs to you and Walter.

    2. So glad you are here! Can’t wait to see you.

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