Galapagos Adventure II

In the Galapagos, there may be as many sea lions as marine iguanas, but they are a heck of a lot cuter and much easier to spot.

Sometimes they sun on the rocks

or on the beach.

Little ones frolic and play

taking time out to get a bite to eat.

The males defend their turf and court the gals.

They move with surprising agility and speed when they are roused or want to play in the sea.

And these little guys?

They are Galapagos penguins, found only on Isabella island where the water is very cold thanks to the convergence of four currents.

Stay tuned for a look at the magnificent birds on the islands.

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4 thoughts on “Galapagos Adventure II

  1. Enjoying the writing and photos–

    1. very cool

  2. Yes, but did not get my fill. I was surprised by the varieties.

  3. Linda, Are you enjoying the Ceviche?

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