In the fall, we traveled to New Brunswick.  One of the trip’s highlights was a stop at the Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy which is noted for having the world’s highest tides.  Over millions of years these tides have sculpted rock formations which are visible only at low tide and in yet another way demonstrate the power of nature.

Looking at the pictures taken there, I am struck by the imagery.  Do you see what I see?  Don’t be afraid to use your imagination!








Answers: 1) lovers 2) snapping turtle 3) Papa Bear 4) elephant 5) ET 6) scowling face 7) woman’s profile, perhaps on the bow of a ship with hair blowing back from her face

Do you see?

i love your comments, so jump right in and share yours

7 thoughts on “Amazing!

  1. Well, this was fun. Did you decide what you saw or are they classically described this way by those who see them? I saw what you saw, though I should have named them before I looked at your answers.

    1. These are what I saw though that is not to say others haven’t given them the same names, at least to a couple which are so obvious.

  2. I didn’t see the bear until you pointed it out, but saw most of the other. The Bay of Fundy and the Hopewell Rocks are amazing aren’t they? Our kids LOVED scrambling around and looking at it all. It’s certainly a very beautiful part of the world and we would love to go back again one day. Great photos!

    1. What fun it is to “meet” new folks in blogland. I look forward to more of your journeys. Where in Maine did you visit. We are part time in Rockport on Penobscot Bay.

      1. Linda, if you go to any of my posts and then type “Maine” into the search box at the top then a whole mega-heap of posts should come up, too many to list here separately 🙂 Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI are very beautiful areas of the world and we fully intend to go back to all of those areas one day.
        Yes, it’s brilliant to be able to meet new bloggers from around the world… your weaving is BEAUTIFUL, and gets my fingers itching. Sadly I need several extra lifetimes already to do every hobby I have at present.

  3. Here’s what I saw!

    1. lovers looking towards the future together
    and in between them is a jar of hope
    2. rabbit and the turtle resting after their race
    3. a bear blessing the honey jar
    4. sleepy elephant
    5. a woman carrying her burdens in front of her
    — isn’t she blocking the future?
    6. Who is strangling that man
    and giving him a huge headache?
    7. And woman has so many things on her mind!
    Why are we like that? lol

    Thanks for the fun! 🙂

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